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Plastic surgery is one of the professions more grateful there is, as seen with scar revision.The results of your personal work are portrayed in another person,which may look interlude performed before their aesthetic improvements.It is nice to see patients as they arrive to My Cosmetic Surgery filled with concerns for there image, and then to be carried out any of our procedures look sprightly and filled with happiness.This joy of the patients is what feeds us and gives us an opportunity to be an every day  better team, converting our professionalism and ethics in a magnet for the cosmetic treatments in all Miami and in the south of the Florida

Scar Revision

With the scars occurs something impressive in this regard, since the person feels the need to eliminate it on all in places of the body evident to human sight. Keep in mind that the scar is the way used by the body to compensate for the loss or damaged skin .Well, they can arise from many causes ,among which an operation, a bruise, abscesses or infections. They may even hurt or itch and sticking different appearances .All of this depends on multiple factors as the type of person’s skin ,the location of the wound,age and up to their eating habits.
It may be the case that a wound that has been saturated by the surgeon can then result in a ugly scar, keloid even . All of this depends on the factors described above. There are,on the other hand,alternatives such as medicines and ointments to relieve the sensitivity ,tingling and swelling of the scar, but really all of them what they are doing is a surface effect and little cash


Then is when it enters in operation scar revision, and there are several ways to do this. Is the removal of this and stitch again with an emphasis details.There is also the dermabrasion that makes it possible to cut away the top layer of the skin to allow a new grow on this. And  grafts of skin,which mean remove a thin layer of skin from another part of the body and push it down into the area and the injury.There is also the implantation of a full layer of skin, which includes nerves, blood vessels and fat to heal a larger injury.

However,just as  our plastic surgeon explains ,it is impossible to completely eliminate a scar .despite the fact that techniques are used minimally calculated suture, the patient should know that they can eradicate the effects of high visibility ,but always exist scarring leads. What is certain is that worth undergo this surgical procedure, since the results are always positive . It is estimated that in order to make a general assessment of a surgical revision of the scar should be expected about a year, time and reasonable enough to continue to demonstrate our dedication to the care of the patients.

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