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For a large number of patients the expression lines of the forehead causing them discomfort. Movement of the muscles of the face are so pronounced, the temper, the moments of sadness or happiness, that sooner or later all are piled up in facial wrinkles. The stretch of the forehead is a surgery applied frequently in our clinic.

Stretch of the Forehead

The forehead is one of the parts of the face which are evidence of the passing of the years and therefore of the most annoying to people who are concerned by pretend a youthful image and healthy. There are two ways to attain its stretching: the classic and the endoscopic. In the first procedure the our surgeons of My Cosmetic Surgery performed by an incision in the form of handset, or in other words, things are going from one ear to the other by joining both at the top of the forehead. This removes the excess fat and tissue, it sorts the muscles and removes excess skin. Even in this procedure can be relocated the eyebrows in a higher position for a total change in the appearance toward the recovery of the youthful look. The endoscopic stretching decreases the size of the incisions, an endoscope will make it possible for the plastic surgeon adequately observed the muscles and tissues, and with the same technique is achieved the stretching of the skin of the forehead. This is a procedure that cosmetic surgeons as Fabian Fontaine performed in our clinic to men and women who exceed on all the 40 years, with the goal of delaying the symptoms of aging. The whole area is covered with a dressing, which will prevent bleedings and the inflammations. Our doctors recommend avoiding head down by about three days, as well as prevent any type of force and exposure to the sun.


The effects will disappear in approximately six months, as well as the numbness. However, more or less to the ten days the patient can be incorporated into the work. Pain in the surgical process are eradicated through local anesthesia with sedation or under general, in the case of M. D. Fountaine he performs this procedure using local anesthesia, where the patient can sit in motion his body once the job has been completed. The medication that we provide to the patient helps eliminate any possibility of pain in the recovery. We do not recommend this type of operation in people who have been previously carried out a plastic surgery in lifting of upper eyelids, since this could lead to a demand for the proper closed eyelids. In the case of the people who have the hair line delayed, may notice the formation of the scar that must be covered with hair. You can even be presented the situation of the loss of hair on the edges of the scar which is rectified with a revision surgery to remove the scar and conducive to the formation of a new.

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