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Arm Lift Plastic Surgery Miami

What is an arm lift?

The surgical procedure aimed at improving the appearance, smoothness, and shape of the arms is called Brachioplasty or Arm Lifting.

This involves removing excess skin and adipose tissue that accumulates due to aging, decreased skin elasticity, or significant changes in the patient’s body weight.

What is intended to be achieved with this surgery is to achieve firm, stylized and harmonious arms with the body?

Who can practice raising arms?

Arm Lifting is the best option for people who have lost weight because of a diet, after Bariatric Surgery, after pregnancy or simply over the years.

The patient who undergoes this procedure must be a healthy individual, not smoke, and be committed to a healthy diet and lifestyle to maintain a stable weight before and after undergoing the procedure.

It is also important that the patient has realistic expectations about plastic surgery.

Arm lift Surgery my cosmetic surgery

Arm lift Surgery my cosmetic surgery

What results can I expect from an arm lift?

Flaccidity is eliminated with Brachioplasty and the new state of the arms is much more stylized.

The success lies not only in reducing excess skin but in providing tone and tension to the skin to achieve harmony with the rest of the body.

This is a solid and definitive surgery, that is to say, that during the following years the arms will not tend to lift again.

Logically with a general weight gain also the arms will increase proportionally.

Arms lift | Consultation process

  • During the consultation prior to the Arm Lifting surgery, the surgeon should know the patient’s expectations regarding the intervention, clearly explain what it is and give a complete view of the entire process.
  • The doctor will ask questions about the patient’s health and will guide a series of preoperative tests.
  • The Doctor will also examine the condition of the arms to identify areas of fatty deposits and sagging skin in order to provide the best option according to your needs.
  • The final decision is taken jointly between the patient and the surgeon.

Arms lift | Technique and protocol

Brachioplasty lasts between 1 and 2 hours. The anesthesia used can be general or local. In either of the two uses, the patient will not perceive pain or discomfort.

Most commonly, the incision extends only through the inner side of the arm, near the armpit, through which the excess fat and skin are removed.

This whole process is carried out by stretching the skin to give the arms more firmness.

Arm lift Surgery my cosmetic surgeryAfter the intervention, the patient is taken to a recovery room, where he will remain the necessary time until he recovers from the effects of anesthesia.

Then the patient should use a  compression bandage on the arms for several weeks.

Arms lift | Incision methods

The shape and location of the incision in the Arm Lifting surgery will vary depending on the amount of skin that the surgeon must remove.

In the most complex cases, it is possible that the cut extends from the armpit to the elbow and on the side of the arm whose face is attached to the body.

Once the fat and excess skin is removed, the incision is closed with stitches tightening the skin on both sides of the wound.

The scar can not be avoided and does not disappear completely, they will improve over time, but it is essential that the patient apply all the guidance of the surgeon so that they disappear.

Arms lift | Recovery and postoperative care

The patient should use a compression bandage for several weeks. This decreases the swelling and facilitates the healing process.

You may also have a flexible drain tube placed in each arm. These reduce the risk of bruising, as they evacuate excess fluids.

The surgeon will recommend taking anti-inflammatories every 6 or 8 hours. The scar will acquire the color of the rest of the skin in a process that can last between 6 and 12 months.

The patient may return to work one week after surgery if this does not require physical effort. It is not recommended that you do intense activities during the first four weeks.

Arm lift | Frequent questions

1. Is it true that Brachioplasty can help eradicate a problem of excessive sweating?   Indeed, especially as the volume of the arms decreases after surgery, the armpit is less exposed to friction, therefore, less sweating will occur.

2. Will the operated areas lose sensitivity?

Only slightly and during the first weeks, but it will gradually recover, as in any cosmetic surgery intervention.

3. Will I need post-surgical massages?

It is highly recommended that the patient undergo post-surgical massages, although it will be his surgeon who makes this decision.

Massages usually serve to release fluid retention, and so that your skin looks smooth and tense after the operation.

4. Will the scars be noticeable?

The scars, during the first 3 or even 6 months are visible, because these kinds of liftings carry normally wide incisions.

You will notice that your scars have a pink appearance, and are hard to the touch, which is absolutely normal.

After a while, your scars will eventually be small,  often imperceptible lines.

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