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Bichectomy Surgery

What is Bichectomy?

Bichectomy is an aesthetic interventions that is gaining more followers every day due to its excellent results. This surgery consists of the extraction of the Bichat balls or Buccal Fat Bags, as they are also known, which are located on the inside of the cheeks.

Despite been of small size in most people, the Bichat balls or bags configure the space of the middle and lower face area, sometimes giving it a round face
appearance with poorly defined angles.

Bichectomy can remove the excess volume of these bags, achieving a longer, thinner face and making the facial bone structure appear more defined.

Specialists affirm that these structures do not have a specific or essential function for normal adult life, so it does not generate problems when removed.

Best Clinic for Bichectomy to achieve the best version of yourself

Bichectomy Surgery My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Bichectomy Surgery My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Who are the ideal candidates for a Bichectomy?

The ideal candidates for this procedure are those people, women and men, with a rounded facial oval, especially below the cheekbone, who are seeking to mark or define their facial angles.

What results can I expect from Bichectomy?

After Bichectomy surgery, the patient can immediately notice a very marked rejuvenating effect. With this intervention, an excellent aesthetic appearance is
achieved, revealing a contoured or chiseled appearance of the face.

Although the patient will obtain an obvious initial result and will be able to go home as soon as the surgery is finished, the final result will be visible and fully appreciated 4-6 weeks after the operation.

Bichectomy | Consultation process

Before Bichectomy surgery, our patients have one or more consultations with the surgeon who performed their intervention. At the consultation, the doctor will provide them with the instructions to follow in the days before surgery, restrictions regarding diet, drinks, tobacco, medications, vitamins, and postoperative care.

This is the right time to discuss expectations about the surgery and determine the next steps in the procedure. The doctor will explain how the surgery is performed and the patient must answer honestly to the questions that are asked.

Bichectomy | Technique and protocol

In this minimally invasive procedure, all that extra fat that is usually found in the cheek area is removed. For this reason, this surgery makes the face look much thinner, making it look young and stylish.

Bichat balls are very dense fat deposits, wrapped by a thin capsule, so they cannot be removed through liposuction.

Its extraction is carried out quickly and safely through a small incision inside the mouth, which does not leave visible scars.

Specialists affirm that these structures do not have a specific or essential function for normal adult life, so it does not generate problems when removed. The intervention lasts between 30 and 45 minutes and is an outpatient process that is performed under general anesthesia.

Bichectomy | Recovery and postoperative care

After Bichectomy surgery, the patient must maintain the compression bandage that the surgeon will place in the area in order to consolidate the results of the aesthetic

Bandages will help reduce the likelihood of bruising and inflammation that occurs after surgery.

The postoperative process will require the patient to sleep in a reclined position and avoid sudden movements to decrease inflammation and bruising.

In the following days, it is recommended to constantly apply cold bands on the face, specifically on the injured area of the cheeks.

The inflammation will disappear after 7 days.

After Bichectomy surgery, the patient must follow a special diet that will be provided by the surgeon for proper recovery.

Basically, after the operation, the patient will be able to drink only liquids.

When the doctor orders it, the patient can introduce soft foods to complete the diet.

In the same way, from the day after surgery, the patient will have to increase oral cleaning, especially every time he drinks liquids and food. This will reduce the risks of infection.

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