Anesthesia: A villain of the past

Anesthesia has always been one of the biggest concerns while facing any surgical procedure, and plastic surgery is no exception. However, anesthesia is one of the branches of medicine in which the scientific community has invested the highest amount of resources in research and development, thus allowing the appearance of new medicines, equipment and anesthesia techniques that have reduced the surgical mortality to such low levels that they make the fear of anesthesia completely unsubstantiated. Just think: How many people do you know who have not awakened from an anesthetic? Probably none, right? Today it is extremely rare to blame anesthesia as a cause of any death. However, it is paramount that you discuss your fears with the anesthesiologist, before your surgery; Accredited and reputable clinics such as My Cosmetic Surgery in Miami will offer you a free consultation for you to discuss with your surgeon any questions or concerns you may have about the exact type of anesthesia he is planning to use, or any other topic regarding the procedure you have chosen. Patients are commonly afraid of the collateral consequences of anesthesia. Feel free ask your surgeon or anesthesiologist during the free consultation at My Cosmetic Surgery in Miami about these kinds of effects and how to control them since there are several alternatives to overcome the discomfort caused by anesthesia. If you have any special concerns, put them in writing and bring them to the consultation in order to be able to speak very clearly with your surgery team. One of the most common concerns is pain. Currently, the arsenal of analgesics to control it is so extensive and effective, that I can almost assure My Cosmetic Surgery patients a quiet postoperative period, with only a few minor discomforts. The frequent and noxious stories we have heard about anesthesia during so many years are nothing but mere myths of a distant past.