Cosmetic Surgery for men

Just a few years ago, it was almost unthinkable for a man to visit a clinic such as My Cosmetic Surgery in Miami. Surgical cosmetic procedures were a tacit no man’s land. Today, a new report from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps) the number of men choosing a cosmetic procedure shows an impressive 110 percent rise since the beginning of the century. According to the report, the most popular procedure so far is Male Breast Reduction surgery. This procedure was made using a technique that left visible scars and had a small risk of deformity. Thanks to surgeon Paul Levick, the Male Breast Reduction is made today through tiny incisions that leave virtually cero scars. Blepharoplasty has also become popular among mature men. Looking into the future, and taking into account the current obesity problem that affect so many men in our country, we forecast an increase in body contouring procedures such as Liposuction and Vaser Liposuction. We also preview a high number of male patients looking into procedures to re-shape their skin after losing significant amounts of weight. Specialized surgical centers like My Cosmetic Surgery in Miami already offer options for men to tighten or remove excess skin in the lower abdomen, chest, arms and other areas where weight loss has left unpleasant and, most times unhealthy, marks. Due to the relative novelty of cosmetic surgery procedures performed on men, and the differences among male and female bodies, it is imperative for men looking into a cosmetic procedure to choose a surgeon that is experienced, not only performing the procedure, but also experienced performing such procedure in male patients. My advice to our male readers: Do the homework. Call 3052649636 and schedule a free consultation with a board certified surgeon at My Cosmetic Surgery in Miami, get an educated answer for all your questions and concerns and only then, chose the right procedure for your particular needs.