The perfect stomach trend

The old days were people used to visit cosmetic surgery clinics like My Cosmetic Surgery in Miami just for Breast Augmentations or Lipos are long gone. Today, if you are not satisfied with a body part, there is a surgery for that! Nowadays, even the humbly and largely forgotten belly button has come to the center of attention in a trend that has created a surge in the demands of umbilicoplasty, a surgical procedure that reshape and resize the navel area by removing or stretching the skin surrounds the belly button to achieve a perfect stomach. This trend comes associated to the fact that people, especially women, are more and more comfortable wearing clothes that shows the stomach in their everyday environments. Also, social media and the “selfies” have made people more aware of the belly button area, and therefore a new desire of how they want it to look has come to life. It is only natural to have a tendency to follow trends or styles that become popular in our generational time. Everyone should be free to choose and pick any procedure when it comes to plastic surgery. However, in My Cosmetic Surgery in Miami we always recommend to focus on health and happiness first, especially at young ages were we are more impressionable by the constant influence of media bombarding pictures of bodies that don’t necessarily come to us naturally. Once you have taken the decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure, that decision should be as educated as humanly possible. Before committing to any surgery it is paramount to know all the facts, the pros and the cons. The first step to acquire that knowledge is to call 3052649636 and schedule a free consultation with a board certified surgeon at My Cosmetic Surgery in Miami. Only after you have talked freely and confidentially with our surgeon, you will have the right set of facts to decide whether you will go for that perfect belly button or not.