Breast surgeries vs Breast feeding

"Do breast surgeries change the nature of breast milk, or alter in any way the ability to produce milk ? ", "Can I breastfeed my baby if I have breast implants?”. These are the most common questions asked by many women who are thinking of a Breast related procedure but are worried about breastfeeding their children. In this regard, authorities such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the League of International Milk are emphatic: Breast surgery does not interfere with the breastfeeding process. Regardless of the presence or absence of implants, the Milk production is contingent upon adequate stimulation and suction, that is, through proper breast-feeding technique. Although a woman can undergo surgery at any time of her life, it is advisable to wait until the exclusive breastfeeding process is finished if the patient is thinking about having children in the short term, ideally up to 6 months of age of the baby, since the physiological and hormonal changes of pregnancy and lactation transform, in some cases, the appearance of the breasts. This has to do with aesthetic and non-functional reasons.

Knocking down myths:

If it breaks down, the contents of the prosthesis can change the composition of the milk.

False. Current prostheses, such as the ones utilized in My Cosmetic Surgery in Miami are very safe and resistant. However, even if they are broken, they are encapsulated in a fibrous barrier that the organism naturally isolates it from the mammary glands.

Women with prostheses are more likely to develop mastitis and other infections.

False. There is no scientific evidence to prove this relationship. Mastitis is caused by inflammation and obstruction of the breast ducts, and this can occur with or without prosthesis.

Women with silicone implants have lower milk production capacity

False. All women, with implants or without them, produce milk of good quality and in sufficient quantity. Everything depends on a correct breastfeeding technique.

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