A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Although there is no pun intended here, a stitch in time saves nine is an old adage that advices us on taking the necessary steps at the right time to avoid more workload and worries in the future. Such adage is never more convenient than when making aesthetic decisions on ourselves or on those we care for. If we take little steps now, we will not need to take big ones in the future, and subsequently, if we spend little now, we will not have to spend big in the future.

Believe it or not, when the first warning signs of our appearance needing improvement show, that is when we need to address them. If a little lift does it here or there, why wait until a major procedure needs to be put in place to solve a greater issue?

Commonly, people take too long in realizing that their appearance is already in need of a change. Maybe it has to do with the normal tendency of making psychological adjustments and gradually trying to live with what appears to be just minor changes in our looks. Then, by the time one becomes aware that some treatment has to happen, the issue has grown larger before our own eyes, and therefore; it takes for a greater intervention than originally thought of.

Always be ready to take prompt actions with your body and looks. Never waste unnecessary time. Stay vigilant on those signals that almost immediately tells us it is time to do something about them. The sooner we tackle the problem, the easier they are to be dealt with, and the least expensive they result. Remember, keep busy looking for the one needy stitch now that will save nine later.