It was not long ago that I found myself attending a birthday party that was given to one of my best friend’s mother; and although I had only seen her mother twice in the last two or three years, she was a woman I knew very well and had known for over thirty years. By my recount, and without asking, I supposed she would be around 66, the same age as my own mother. 
I arrived to the party with my family and had only be there for one minute before my friend came out of the house and greeted us enthusiastically as he ushered us to one available table by the swimming pool area. We were just exchanging pleasantries when she interrupted my wife to say, “wait till you see my mother, you’re not going to believe your eyes.” I already knew her mother was a nice looking lady, and I was assuming that she was referring to a particular special outfit or even a new haircut, whatever. 

We couldn’t believe our eyes when she came out to say hello and accept a present we had brought for her. Oh, my God! Teresa looked like she was 40 years old.  Everything about her looked fantastic. It was not difficult to guess she had had plastic surgery, but I must admit I had never seen such results, at least, in a person I had known for such a long time. It really looked like magic, and magical was the way she felt about herself. For the few minutes that she remained around our table, I could notice that she did not only look 40, but that she felt like 40. Her smile, and the things she was saying were true testament to the most remarkable change I ever saw in a person. Ever since that day, I cannot but recommend and encourage people who want to rejuvenate themselves, and to all of them, I always tell them about Teresa, and her magical transformation.