The 20 best winter sun getaways in America

The 20 best winter sun getaways in America.

The popular travel site Tripadvisor published yesterday the list of the 20 best winter sun getaways America has to offer. The list, which you can find here made me think of the millions of Americans that are getting ready for several months of cold temperatures and five layers of clothing. At the same time my brain filled my body with a warm and grateful filling for the beauty of our winters here in South Florida. In our neighborhood almost everybody welcomes the mere couple of days we will have of mild cold. It’s a priceless opportunity to wear our quasi unnecessary winter attire, and a break from our endless summer. In South Florida we have the duty of keeping the summer alive on behalf of the rest of the country, which is the reason why our beaches are crowded all winter long.

Our beaches are beautiful in winter and absolutely gorgeous in summer. We love winter but summer is our season. We spend our mild winter getting ready for the summer. We increase our gym visits and start new diets in order to show a killer body at the beach when the summer comes. It’s a cycle that repeats every winter with more or less similar results. If you were not 100% satisfied with the results at the beginning of last summer, you will probably not be satisfied at the beginning of next summer either, unless you do something different.

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