How to prepare for the free consultation

Once you have made the decision and called 3052649636 to schedule a free consultation with a specialist at My Cosmetic Surgery in Miami, it is of paramount importance for you to get the most out of that first experience. In order to be fully prepared for that crucial meeting, has created a guideline that I’m pleased to share with you today: 

Before you leave home:

Research your procedure ahead of time.

If you’re looking into breast or body procedures, be sure to wear clothing and underwear that will make disrobing comfortable and practical. 

Write down any questions you have for the surgeon.

Have your medical history information ready, including medical problems that run in your immediate family, and bring it with you.

Important questions to ask your surgeon:

Am I a good candidate for my procedure of interest? If not, what is keeping me from being a candidate?

How many times have you performed this procedure?

What are the benefits?

What are the risks?

What board certification(s) do you hold?

Where will the surgery take place?

Is the surgical facility accredited?

Do you have hospital privileges? If so, where?

Who will perform the anesthesia and what are their qualifications?

What type of anesthesia is required for this procedure?

What are the credentials of your surgical staff?

How would you respond if an emergency were to occur during surgery?

Have you helped patients with similar physical qualities and concerns?

Can you show me before and after photos of their results?

An old Chinese adage says that you will not get the proper answers until you pose the right questions. At my Cosmetic Surgery in Miami we want you to get the proper and most accurate answers; please feel free to give us a call at 3052649636 should you have any questions prior or after your scheduled consultation. Our specialists are just one call away.