That younger look...


By the virtue of the worldwide web, every bit of human knowledge can be found nowadays in the internet. It requires some discipline, but the satisfaction that we get, if we impose ourselves the task of browsing the net for at least half an hour per day, with the deliberate and conscious objective of learning something new, is so rewarding that it could easily become our favorite pastime. We all know how important could be our presence, and that of our friends and family on the social networks. But important as to deserve most of our time connected to the internet? I’d say it really worth trying to share our social networking time with some deliberate learning time. Today I learned from an article published in that uncontrolled stress can make our skin sensitive and prone to problems including aging and I also learned that limiting the stress in our lives we may help our skin to stay youthful looking. How can we do that? Just follow this simple steps:

=        Organize your day by setting limits and scaling back your to-do list. Schedule time to relax avoid unnecessary stress

=        Put away your phone, computer, or any other devices for a set time every day to help you unwind from the world. Taking a warm bath may help relax you and reduce your stress.

=        Go for an easy walk or do some light exercise.

=        Try meditating, which has different health benefits including lower blood pressure and heart rate, decreased anxiety and depression, less stress, and greater feelings of relaxation and general well-being.

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