Forget pretty, I want to feel sexy

According to 2017 statistics in the field of cosmetic surgeries and aesthetic procedures, there seems to be a tendency which makes physical changes and reconstruction attempts directed  at being sexy than simply at looking better or fixing some notable signs of aging. The most common procedures in women like facelifts are dropping their demands in more than forty per cent.
As younger and younger clients pay their visits to their favorite plastic surgeons, the trendy requests start to concentrate again and again on tummy tucks and breast augmentations; with butt augmentation also making its way in popularity. Women are no longer seeking to simply look younger; more than anything, they want to look sexy. Men in turn are now heading more into facial repairs and treatments like eyelid and brow lifts.

Some experts in the topic of social preferences and social media seem to indicate that one of the main reasons for such shifts has to do with the culture of social media and selfies, and the technical possibility of using photographic filtering, similar to the Photoshop style, which allows people to retouch and filter their facial appearances, and achieve their ideal looks through such tools. A process that seems a lot more difficult when it comes to body features. 
Even when the latter maybe right, there is also a less sophisticated, more pragmatic and self-evident explanation, most women want to look hot, they want to impress those around them. In the real world, women who look sexier also have a better chance to thrive in the social ladder. As it is, the road of upward mobility becomes less bumpy, and the much needy economic opportunities seem to knock on the door more frequently. Looking for a sexier you? Set an appointment for a free consultation at My Cosmetic Surgery in Miami. Sexy is closer than you think.