Watch Out! There Come Men

No other field of social participation has witnessed a major change than that of men accessing plastic surgery procedures. A service that thirty years ago was basically requested by women, and mostly women, has now become a common place for men. As of late, men have been buying plastic and reconstructive services in record numbers. In 2016, over 1.3 million cosmetic procedures went to men which represented about 8 per cent of all procedures practiced in The United Sates during that year. 

What social conditions are bringing about such changes? There seems to be a series of factors influencing the decision-making process here. Men actually want to be able to compete and look as sharp as their counterparts. They want to earn their right to participate fully in a world that increasingly demands more and better-looking people. Social conventions that made it awkward for men to attain aesthetic and cosmetic improvements seem to have vanished forever, and maybe last but more important, there is a consciousness of self-awareness and self-esteem that has certainly been ignited by the advent of social media, and other technological developments that have pushed men to make up for the lost ground in terms of enhancing beauty.

Nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, breast reduction, liposuction and facelift are the top invasive procedures more sought after by men; while Botox, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, chemical peeling, and soft tissue fillers account for the top minimally-invasive procedures. Typically, as for women, it is men from in the 40 to 54 age bracket those who claim the most aesthetic services. 
If the present-day trend continues, more men will continue to jump onboard, and the gender gap might start to blur away in the coming years. With social factors as those described above, women shall be in good company pretty soon.