Self-esteem is not selfish

We live in a world today where individual values as those expressed by sexual preference or life styles are more respected than ever before in history. Such focus toward ourselves and our lives has to do more with recognizing that only when we exercise our own freedoms and rights we are better prepared to become a meaningful part of that greater concept called society. In turn, a society which represents a more diverse and colorful group of preferences is always better equipped to accept and respect each individual’s set of choices. However, it seems that still certain areas of human preference find much more resistance to being equally accepted. The case of aesthetic interventions tops that list.

Even in days when the human body is universally utilized as an aesthetic canvas, with tattoos, body piercing, and body arts of all sorts being found in every culture, the stigma of plastic surgery still goes on. One would think it has to do with the idea of the procedures generally involving surgeons, hospitals, stitches and more, which most people associate with the urgency or emergency of life saving practices. The latter, however, is an unjustified way of looking at things. Body piercing, or tattoos, for instance, can be more dangerous and prone to cause life threatening infections than most plastic interventions.
People may also relate the practice to vain or selfish motives. That is also a common fallacy. If the immense majority of interventions of aesthetic purposes are meant to feel better and boost self-esteem to better represent ourselves before us and then before society, how can it be thought of as selfish. Self-esteem is never selfish, but a way to build our psychological and spiritual lives in a way that can best serve our most desirable aims. If you are pondering the cons and pros of a surgical procedure, just book a free consultation at My Cosmetic Surgery clinic in Miami. Boosting your self-esteem can’t be selfish