Be proud of yourself

To walk through life feeling good about yourself is a serious accomplishment that we all should have mastered. Self-confidence is a master key to open the doors to success. Carmen Sabalete from Mia magazine describes four steps or ways to self-confidence: First, self-control. We have to discipline our behavior into acquiring self-control. When you have to do something that you do not particularly like but need, think about the long-term benefit, not the immediate hurdle. A perfect body after a surgical procedure in My Cosmetic Surgery in Miami, for example, will bring you a level of happiness and quality of live that by far surpasses the inconvenience of the surgery itself. Second, we should renounce the need for external approval. Only you really know the value of what you have done in each moment, always be your own judge. Third, devote time to silence, to meditate, to silence those internal voices that prevent living the present and only revive a mortifying past. Meditate every day, 5 minutes is enough. For example: focus on a color that you like and feel how you load energy, think about having a good attitude, picture yourself being able to walk topless in a Caribbean paradise, exuding self-confidence after the breast augmentation surgery you are just considering now. And fourth, go without fear. Deepak Chopra defined fear as a product of memory that lives in the past. But living in the past will never end fear. That only happens when you trust yourself, when you focus on your present and act on it now. Wanting to feel good about yourself?  Start by calling 3052649636 to schedule a free consultation with a board certified specialist of My Cosmetic Surgery in Miami. A Brazilian Butt Lift, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation or any other procedure will give you the starting point of a new you that will walk through life with a smile.