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Sexual relations are to be enjoyed. The classic union of man with the woman or of two persons of the same sex are the ideal way to generate pleasure, as well as the delight and the mental body. That is why it is very important to recognize the couple when these relationships are not working, so try to correct the problem. With vaginismus, for instance, botox can reduces its effects.

One of these barriers can be vaginismus, which is nothing more than a disorder that arises from the spasm and unconscious contraction of the muscles of the vagina. Although medical science determines this problem as a psychological condition, it is true that their results can be seen in the inability of women to receive the penetration.

One of the main causes can be that the woman has suffered a violation or any forced relationship in the past and currently have this response to prevent further suffering, an issue which can be solved with the possibilities of plastic surgery Miami and the best plastic surgeons in Miami. Is important to mention than in some cases, a woman can suffer of vaginismus whithout any previous trauma.

Botox in fusion with sexual therapies against vaginismus

Ways to deal with this condition are through the sexual therapies and relaxation exercises. But there is also a solution that has had significant results in recent times in cosmetic surgery centers in Miami: the Botox, product famous for its wide applications in the cosmetic surgery, which helps to avoid the friction nerve and the muscle spasms through injections field.

By applying the botulinum toxin in the pelvic muscles are achieved the relaxing effect. The process is painless, as it is applied through microinjections with local anesthesia.

In about twenty minutes the process is complete miami plastic surgery, which is further distinguished by practicing massage on the walls of the vagina to break the spasms and then apply the botox. A dilator is inserted after, you will also learn to use women for individual therapies outside.

After two days the women begin to notice the positive effects, which will be fully evident within two weeks, since with the restart of sexual activities is going to produce an effect dilator and the women to gain confidence and self-esteem. Or, with a single application of the Botox can be achieved these results.

Vaginismus and botox, results

The specialists consider it necessary that women continue with the sexual therapies to overcome the mental trauma that caused the vaginismus.

With this has been demonstrating the wide utilities of the botulinum toxin, which exceeds its implementation in the aesthetic treatments and can reach up to combat problems such as migraine, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and the already analyzed vaginismus.

In My Cosmetic Surgery, number one clinic of plastic surgeries in Miami and throughout Florida, we are pleased to inform about the greatest revolutions of the medicine, and one of our favorite products from our patients: the Botox. Not only are the Vaser hi def and the Brazilian butt lift Miami, but also this, which is of great application.

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