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Brazilian Butt Lift in Florida, also known as Lipo with fat Transfer, Is one of the procedures most performed in our clinic My Cosmetic Surgery Miami. This is because today much like ancient times, the curves are imposed and there are few who can resist the temptation of a voluminous “booty”.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Florida or buttock lift with the patient’s own fat is an approach to add more fullness, projection and shape the buttocks area. This procedure involves a technique of selective liposuction, which removes fat from those areas where it tends to hide, and then is processed and transferred to the buttocks in multiple layers.

The popularity the Brazilian Butt Lift has acquired in Miami, Florida is because it provides dual benefit to the figure of those who perform it in a single surgery. First, liposuction removes fat deposits and improves cornering. Then fat transfer improves projection and shape of the buttocks for a perfect figure.

The possibility of increasing the size of the buttocks with fat itself has become the preferred choice of thousands of patients who have been able to fulfill their dream without fear. This is because the Brazilian Butt Lift in Florida has a lower rate of complications and a recovery much easier than other methods to increase the volume of the buttocks.

Using a patient’s own body fat  to mold parts of the body, whether buttocks, breasts or face, is a very successful and very interesting process, because since their are no implants needed,  there is no chance that the body will rejects it, that encapsulation occurs, or that something out of position. This has made the Brazilian Butt Lift in Florida a woman’s favorite.




However, not all patients are candidates for this surgery. For a Brazilian Butt Lift held in Florida the patient must have a significant amount of excess fat available to remove and then re-injected. Generally, these clusters of adiposity in the abdomen, back, sides of the body or thighs.

The results of the Brazilian Butt Lift in Florida look and feel completely natural, as well as body contouring, and all thanks to the masterful hands of our experienced surgeons. Through our experience in My Cosmetic Surgery Miami we are aware  that most patients get satisfactory results with this procedure and that in most cases the retention rate of fat in the buttocks is high.



Gluteal augmentation in Miami

The technique of Brazilian Butt Lift in Florida is a variant of buttock augmentation, surgery is designed to increase the buttocks and make you have a more attractive way according to current standards of beauty. This procedure has two techniques that make possible the same result: buttock augmentation with silicone implants and the Brazilian Butt Lift, which has become the most requested by women in Miami.

The first of these techniques is an operation which the surgeon makes an incision usually in the lower edge of the buttock to place the silicone implant (semisolid), just below the muscle. Surgeons create a “pocket” that will be the space that will host the implant for better grip. This surgical procedure is not performed in our clinic My Cosmetic Surgery.

The second is a fat transfer to the buttocks or Brazilian Butt Lift in Florida. The Brazilian Butt Lift in Florida has many advantages that make it the favorite of women in Miami. One of its biggest advantages is that the element used for buttock augmentation is precisely the patient’s own body fat so you do not have to see whether the body accepts or not an implant.


Another is that the gain recovery time in Brazilian Butt Lift in Florida removes the possibility of large incisions and the application of but fat injections are performed. Another benefit, to keep in mind is that this technique not only increases the size of the buttocks but it slims the whole figure. Prior liposuction fat transfer molding enables the body.

The effects of the Brazilian Butt Lift in Florida or buttock augmentation fat transfer are excellent and immediate. A stylized figure of a well-defined curves and shapely buttocks are the desire of many women, and this surgery succeeds due to the fact that its is entirely done through a single procedure. Although after surgery the patient will have to follow all medical recommendations postoperatively, the results are immediately visible. After all, perfect curves are visible from the start.

The patient will be evaluated after 24 hours to check your overall health and success of the intervention of Brazilian Butt Lift in Florida. The patient should not sit in ten days by expressed medical indication, and past the first ten days should sit as little as possible during the first month. After the three days the surgical dressings can be removed and following that the medical strip is placed, necessary to achieve optimum results.


After having undergone Brazilian Butt Lift in Florida, the sleeping position should be such that the buttocks are not pressed. At seven days, fourteen days and twenty days, the patient will also be evaluated for appropriate follow-up. After the first  ten days the patient can resume daily activities, always taking into account the medical recommendations. The patient can return to work depending on the characteristics, as it is advised to sit as little as possible.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Florida: Latinas’ favorite

What we have in common Brazilian, Colombian, Venezuelan, and all Latino residents in Miami? We love the Brazilian Butt Lift in Florida!!

A survey of plastic surgeons in the United States has yielded very curious facts about the preferences of women who attend these consultations. The figures show that, by a wide margin, Latina women residents or born in the united states are shown to be the number one client when referring to buttock augmentation or Brazilian Butt Lift in Florida.

Regardless of your ancestors whether they  are Cuban, Colombian, Brazilian, Venezuelan or Panamanian. Nor if you are a  housewife, lawyer or medical student. Not even if just turned 21 or passes 50. More than 90% of patients applying for a Brazilian Butt Lift held in Florida are Hispanic.

The causes of this trend can be found in factors such as the cultural tradition of Latin American countries, where a good “booty” is synonymous with sensuality and health; or the media boom that worships the voluptuousness of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, the Kardashians, Shakira and Nicki Minaj. The truth is that, although the Latino woman usually has a silhouette with curved by nature, the ideal of beauty is a thin waist, hips and buttocks increasingly bulky, for which the Brazilian Butt Lift in Florida is ideal.

The success of the surgical procedure the Brazilian Butt Lift in Florida is that it has made possible what seemed impossible, because it uses the body fat from the patient’s own (extracted by liposuction of other areas such as thighs, back and abdomen) and re- injected into the rear required to obtain a uniform, smooth and natural-looking area.

For the Latino community, beauty is a major issue and achieving the desired body is no longer a utopia. More and more women and men are willing to go over centuries of conventions and taboos to show off the figure that best agrees to their character and self-esteem.

Cultural phenomenon or fashion, the truth is that cosmetic surgeons surveyed recognize that at present the Brazilian Butt Lift in Florida is booming, and this is due largely to the role of Hispanic women, who have decided that a full buttocks does not have to be exclusively for the famous.

In the clinic My Cosmetic Surgery, Miami, we have a staff of brilliant cosmetic surgeons with a high rate of satisfied patients whose dreams of beauty have been made a reality

Methods and forms of Brazilian Butt Lift in Florida

Cosmetic surgery predictions for 2016 have been surpassed, reconciliation canon of beauty with curves is a fact. And the Brazilian Butt Lift in Florida occupies a leading place in it. What many may not know is that this procedure can be performed in many different methods, according to that saying that “all colors were made to fit different tastes”. Yes, the common factor is the voluptuousness.

Round Model

The round model is inspired by the look of women whose fat is rearranged in a way in which the buttocks obtain a  rounded visual effect as if wearing a thong.

According to experts, when we put a thong, the back looks more beautiful because this garment hides a triangle of skin where fat accumulates and deforms the perfect circle it should be. Therefore, this technique is to reproduce this effect, removing excess fat of said triangle and other nearby areas to sculpt the buttocks so that being naked looks equally as favorable as if  wearing a thong.

If desired, the extracted fat can be injected into the middle of the buttocks, to raise them optically.

Athlete  Model

This method is to add volume where needed, using suctioned fat parts of the body of the patient. First liposuction on waist, hips, back, or other area where there is accumulation of fat and then this is injected intramuscularly into two small incisions, which facilitates their integration into the body.

This technique is generally used in backplanes or emptied and allows modeling “as” that is, the surgeon is placing the required amount of fat in each zone is observed as it takes. It is almost always performed under local anesthesia.


Latin Model

Given the preference of Latinas and Latinos by these “elevations” is not surprising that one method is identified with this name, especially if it is with which you can achieve higher volumes and projections.

The main condition is that the patient should have much fatty tissue in other areas of the body, to remove and implant in the buttocks, as there always inject a bit more than really necessary to anticipate that some percent can be absorbed.

The results of this technique go hand in hand shape and volume are achieved. And of course, the size of the operation will depend largely on the cost of the Brazilian Butt Lift in Florida.

Up Model

This effect is achieved by a process of lifting and rounded buttocks. This can be done with local anesthesia and the only condition is that the patient can not have very flabby muscles and dilated. The results lasts 3 to 6 years.

As expected, the cost of Brazilian Butt Lift in Florida varies from one method to another, from one clinic to another and also depending on the characteristics and desires of the patient. What remains is the intention of an increasing number of  women who wish to look strong and voluminous this summer.

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