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Brazilian Butt Lift

What is Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian Butt Lift, also known as Liposuction with fat transfer or Lipo with fat transfer is an aesthetic surgery that allows you to increase the buttocks while modeling the silhouette.

This technique consists of two steps:

  • First, the surgeon performs a traditional Liposuction to extract the fat located in areas such as the abdomen, waist, hips, or thighs. This fat is subjected to an optimization process to purify it.
  • Then the surgeon redistributes it in the buttocks by injections, achieving the molding and increase in volume desired by the patient.

Lipo with fat transfer is one of the most demanded procedures today and one of the most requested in My Cosmetic Surgery Miami.
Our surgeons have perfected their techniques to perform the best  curves in Miami and throughout South Florida

Brazilian Butt Lift My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Brazilian Butt Lift My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Who can practice Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is the ideal procedure for those people who do not feel satisfied with their figure, who have fat located in unwanted areas and who wish to redistribute it to improve their silhouette.

Patients who want to have fat-transfer liposuction should be in good general health and comply with the recommendations made by the specialist before undergoing BBL surgery.

What results can I expect from Brazilian Butt Lift?

Curvy bodies have become fashionable again and Fat transfer is a procedure designed to achieve a  perfect figure because it increases the buttocks and eliminates those areas of unwanted localized fat.

BBL offers excellent results!

Being the redistribution of body fat of the patient, the resulting curves look and feel natural, that is why this method gains more followers every day.

Brazilian Butt Lift | Consultation process

The consultation is the ideal place for doctor / patient communication. The surgeon will advise you throughout the process and plan the surgery taking into account your anatomy and expectations.

The patient will receive recommendations related to what they should and should not do before the procedure, such as quitting smoking one month before the day of the intervention.

A series of laboratory tests should also be performed so that the medical team can check your general health. It is important to follow medical instructions to ensure the success of the surgery.

In the case of patients who live outside of Miami or who, for some reason, cannot go to the clinic to begin the process, they can start it through our Surgery Coordinators who will ask patients for some photos of the area to be treated with.

The purpose of being able to determine such important issues as the type of procedure, the estimated price, and the general guidelines that must be taken into account before performing the surgery.

Many of our patients are unaware of how photographs should be taken for distance evaluation. These vary according to the type of procedure to be performed. To help our patients make the process easier, we give you an example of how personal photos should be in order to be evaluated for a  Brazilian Butt Lift procedure in Miami.


Brazilian Butt Lift My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Brazilian Butt Lift | Technique and protocol

Once the day of surgery has arrived, the patient will be taken to our classrooms where he will be assisted and advised by a whole team of qualified professionals.

The buttock augmentation is performed under general anesthesia for the comfort of the patient and the surgeon.   The BBL procedure begins with liposuction.

The doctor will make incisions in the areas chosen to introduce the cannula, through which the fat will be sucked. Once obtained, it will go through the optimization process until it is ready to be redistributed to the buttocks.

Best Brazilian Butt Lift surgery in Miami

To this end, the surgeon will make incisions to introduce the optimized fat, also with the help of a cannula, while shaping the buttocks to achieve the desired result.

Fat transfer is a minimally accessible intervention, so it does not leave significant scars only the small incisions necessary for the introduction of the cannula, which will not be visible after a few days.

Brazilian Butt Lift | Incision methods

The buttock augmentation by fat transfer does not require noticeable incisions since liposuction only requires the introduction of a cannula and the fat transfer is done with injections using a thin and more flexible cannula.

Even some surgeons choose not to suture the small openings that in most cases close themselves after a few days.

Brazilian Butt Lift | Recovery and postoperative care

The Brazilian Butt Lift Miami does not require hospitalization, so when the patient recovers from anesthesia, they can return home.

It is very important to follow medical recommendations at all times for a quick and successful recovery.

It is important to prepare the place for rest in advance in order to find everything ready once the rest is required.

Smoking is not recommended (for one month before and one after surgery) as this practice causes recovery risks.

Anticoagulant medications are also discouraged to avoid bleeding risks.

For more information on these medications visit our blog: anticoagulant medications and others.

The patient must refrain from sitting for 15 days and should sleep chest down during those first  15 days. Between 15 and 30 days, you can sit using a special cushion.

Another crucially important element during the BBL recovery process is the use of the compression belt, which must be used full time during the first month, 12 hours a day during the second month, and 4 hours a day the third month.

The medical staff will advise you at all times and give you the necessary instructions.

The first medical follow-up appointment will take place 24 hours after the surgery, which will be structured every 7 days until the doctor assesses the discharge.

It is highly advisable during the postoperative period to perform therapeutic massages.

In My  Cosmetic Surgery Miami, we have an excellent group of professionals who perform the so-called lymphatic massages.

This therapy helps the recovery after fat transfer to be faster and the aesthetic result is maximized. These massages stimulate circulation and cause the body to drain through the lymphatic system.

If during the recovery process the patient has any doubts, you can contact our medical team at any time.

It is normal the appearance of inflammation and discomfort caused by the Brazilian Butt Lift Miami surgery, these will be remitting over the days.

Generally, patients are able to return to their daily activities after 15 days, always taking into account the recommendations made by our specialists.

Brazilian Butt Lift | Frequent questions

Can I combine the Brazilian Butt Lift with other surgeries?   

Yes, the Brazilian Butt Lift Miami can be combined with other surgeries. In fact, the procedure is already combined with the traditional Liposuction for the total molding of the figure.

It can also be combined with Tummy Tuck and breast surgery, all with the previous evaluation of the doctor.

 2. Is fat transfer safe? 

Fat transfer is a procedure that is not only performed on buttock augmentation but can be used to increase the volume of those areas where the patient has a lack of fat.

It is a safe procedure as long as it is done by qualified professionals with the right experience.

3. I have heard that after this surgery I cannot sit down. Is this true?

After BBL Miami, the patient must refrain from sitting during the first 15 days at the express indication of our surgeons.

It is important that the patient follows all medical recommendations so that recovery is a success. Of course, this indication is temporary, only the first 15 days, as the recovery progresses, the patient is able to resume their daily life normally.

4. Implants or fat transfer?

Buttock augmentation surgery with implants and fat transfer to the buttocks are two different procedures.

While the fat transfer to the buttocks requires that the patient has localized fat deposits to remove it and then redistribute it in the placement of implants does not require the patient to have localized fat.

On the other hand, the placement of implants in the buttocks increases only that part of the body while the transfer of fat not only increases the volume of the buttocks but also shapes the entire silhouette, simultaneously, for perfect curves.

 5. Can I have the fat transfer even if I don’t have localized fat?

Buttock augmentation Fat Transfer requires the patient to have adiposity deposits to make the fat transfer possible. This procedure is only done with the patient’s own fat, previously optimized.

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