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Breast Lift in Miami

What is a breast lift?

Various causes can cause a woman’s breast to lose its natural form: pregnancy, breastfeeding, significant changes in body weight, aging, loss of skin elasticity and the low strength of the pectoral muscles.

Breast Lift Miami

The process of sagging and sagging is what is known as breast Ptosis and all women suffer to a greater or lesser degree.

Breast Lift, also called Mastopexy, is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to eliminate excess sagging of the breast lift it and improve its appearance.
It also implies the change of position of the areola and the nipple.

This procedure can be performed with or without breast implants, according to the characteristics and objectives of each patient.

Breast Lift Miami

Breast Lift with Silicone Implants

Who can have a breast lift?

The procedure of breast lift is indicated for women who want to improve the appearance of their breasts and cope with sagging and lack of firmness of the breast.

This surgery has proven effective in recovering the upright position of the woman’s breasts, both for slightly sagging breasts and for cases of severe breast Posits.

Specialists have established standardized anatomical measures that indicate the need for a surgical breast lift procedure. The distance between the sternal hairpin, (visible hole in the upper part of the human chest where the neck joins the sternum, commonly called Ollita) and the nipple indicates the height of the breasts in each woman.

For the prototype of our women, the ideal distance is 19 to 21 centimetres. In very tall women this distance increases to 21-22 cm and in women of small size the average measurement would be between 17 and 19 cm.

Breast Lift Procedure

Other model dimensions provide that the ideal diameter of the areola (colored skin surrounding the nipple) should be 4 cm, the diameter of the nipple approximately 1 cm, the projection or height of the nipple about 1.2 cm and the distance of the nipple to the infra-mammary fold (crease that is formed as a result of breast fall) usually about 7 cm.

Of course, several factors influence this, such as the woman’s height, the size of her hips and shoulders, and her overall appearance.

As breast self-examination has traditionally been done, this measurement should be performed standing in front of the mirror and with the help of a measuring tape.

Similarly, patients who wish to have this intervention must be physically and mentally healthy, have a realistic idea of their body and the results that this type of surgery offers.

In addition, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • A good general state of health
  • A healthy weight
  • Not being pregnant, or planning to be in the next few months
  • No smoking

Results can I expect?

After the Breast Lift surgery, the patient can immediately check the change in the contour and shape of her breasts: an erect and firmer bust, with greater projection, are some of the most notable features.

With the repositioning of the breasts to their original place, a relocation of the areola is also done so that the chest is symmetrical and harmonious.

In some cases, Mastopexy can be performed in combination with a Breast Reduction or a Breast Augmentation to change its size while improving the shape.

This combination of treatments offers aesthetically more impressive results.

The benefits of a Mastopexy are mainly aesthetic and, therefore, are directly related to the patient’s self-esteem. However, there are also certain medical benefits related to this procedure since, for example, the sagging chest can cause back and neck pain, due to the weight of the breasts and their
relationship with posture.

Usually, breast lift surgery has lasting effects, but this will depend on the particular case of each patient. New pregnancies, aging, variations in body weight, or health status can affect the results. The scars may or may not be visible depending on the technique used.

Breast lift | Consultation process

Before breast lift surgery, our patients have one or several consultations with the surgeon who will perform their intervention, where the doctor will perform a routine breast exam and may indicate some studies, such as mammography or ultrasound If you consider them necessary.

Laboratory tests prior to the intervention will be required to check the patient’s general state of health.

During the consultation, the patient will be given the instructions to follow in the days before surgery, restrictions regarding diet, drinks, tobacco, medications, vitamins and postoperative care.

Women who wish to have breast lift surgery need to have a healthy lifestyle so that the healing process can be faster.

This is the right time to discuss expectations about the surgery and determine the steps to follow in the procedure. The doctor will explain how a breast lift surgery is performed and the patient should answer with total honesty the questions asked.

Breast lift | Technique and Protocol

Breast lift surgery is an outpatient procedure that is performed under general anesthesia.
In a breast lift, the surgeon makes 1 to 3 surgical incisions in the breasts to remove the extra skin. The areola and nipple are changed to a higher position to create a natural symmetry.

There are three techniques to perform this surgical procedure:

  • Concentric or periareolar breast lift (around the areola)

    It is usually recommended for women with small breasts and when the breast drop (breast ptosis) is mild. Generally in these cases, the distance between the nipple and the sternal hairpin ranges between approximately 21-24 cm. This method requires fewer incisions so it produces less scarring on the skin.
    This procedure is also known as Dona Mastopexy (Donut) or Circumareolar, due to the concentric circular shape of the incisions. This way the excess skin around the areola is removed and part of it can also be reduced to give the bust a more youthful appearance.

  • Vertical or Circumvertical Breast Lift

    This technique is reserved for moderate ptosis, that is, moderately sagging breasts that measure approximately 24-27 cm from the nipple to the sternal hairpin.
    In this surgery an incision is made around the areola and a vertical from the areola down. This method removes excess fat around the areola and helps reduce sagging and reshape the breast.

  • Breast Lift in the form of Anchor or inverted T

    Women with large, extremely soft breasts, damaged by stretch marks or who have a greater degree of fall (severe breast ptosis) require an anchor breast lift.
    This technique is especially recommended when the distance from the nipple to the sternal fork is greater than 27 -30 cm and the skin condition is not good.

    This surgery is ideal to remove excess skin and tissue. 3 incisions are made: one around the
    areola, one vertical and one horizontal in the groove of the breast.

Once the breasts have been lifted, the patient may or may not opt for the placement of silicone or saline water implants to increase the volume; or for a breast reduction. These are surgeries that combine perfectly with Mastopexy.
Many patients are concerned about the size and location of the scars of this surgical intervention. It is important that it is understood that if the proper technique is not used (with the necessary scars), the result of breast lift will not be satisfactory or lasting.

Additionally, surgical wounds go unnoticed when evolving satisfactorily.

Breast lift | Recovery and postoperative

After breast lift surgery, the recovery period varies according to the surgical technique used. The average recovery time for patients of this surgery ranges from two to four days. It is always recommended that the patient goes to her operation accompanied by someone who can then take her home and help her during the first hours, or days.
After surgery, the patient is placed in a surgical bra with a special bandage. Bandages are removed at 24 hours given to make the recovery quick and successful. The follow-up is structured in appointments every 7 days until reaching the month when the medical discharge will be assessed. However, if at any others, but the bra should be worn for three months.

A sports bra or sports bra can also be used, but regular bras with metal rings cannot be worn until after the first three months. The scars will look a lot at the beginning, but they will hide over time. The type of procedure chosen is the one that will determine the type of healing.
The medical follow-up process begins 24 hours after surgery.

On this first appointment, instructions will ber time the patient has any questions or concerns, she can call the clinic and contact the Nursing. It is very important that the patient follows all the instructions of our specialists.
Generally, after 7 days the patient can return to work, always depending on the type of activity performed. In any case, it will be your doctor who decides when is the ideal time to return to working life.

Postoperative recommendations

  • Do not lift your arms above your shoulders, nor should you lift heavy objects.
  • It is not recommended that the patient perform flexion or strenuous activities during the first
    postoperative week.
  • Do not take anticoagulant medications.
  • Driving is not advised during the first fifteen days.
  • Sleep reclining during the first days and not resume sexual intercourse until after the first
  • Drink lots of water
  • Have a healthy

Frequently asked questions about Breast Lift

  1. Lift Under what conditions can a good volume and good position be achieved only with lift?

    When there is a good size of the mammary gland. If there is sufficient volume, it is only a
    matter of rearranging it to achieve adequate lifting of the bust.

  2. Can breast asymmetry (breast size difference) be corrected with breast lift?

    Yes, during Breast Lift you can correct breast asymmetries, as well as reduce the diameter of
    the areolas. However, it is necessary to clarify that a certain degree of asymmetry in the
    breasts is normal and natural in women.

  3. How long do the effects of a breast lift last?

    It depends on the characteristics of each patient and their rhythm of life, but the effects of a
    Breast Lift can last from 10 to 15 years. It is recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle,
    exercise and use firming creams to maintain elasticity, nutrition and freshness of the skin, in
    that area.

  4. When can I play sports again after the operation?

    During the first month, it is advisable not to do intense sports. From then on and provided that
    during the recovery process, the patient has not had problems, sports can be practiced using
    the appropriate bra.

  5. Will my chest be more sensitive after a breast lift?

    For a brief period of time the chest or nipple may have some sensitivity after breast surgery.
    Some patients feel increased sensitivity, others may feel a decrease, but generally returns to
    normal after a few weeks.

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