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The breast lifting with thread lift is one of the trends that can be seen with forces in Miami for women to obtain an appropriate figure. Regain the youthful look is one of its functions and for this there is a diversity of treatments, which in my Cosmetic Surgery we make available to the patient. Among them are the wires or wire tensioners russians, a novel technique that enables excellent results for the beauty of the lady.

Cosmetic surgeries

Cosmetic surgeries in the main function is to obtain positive dividends of aesthetics with the least possible alteration of the body, and this is fulfilled with this procedure, which consists in the stitches under the skin, with the goal to stretch the tissues damaged with the pass of the years. Produced with materials such as polypropylene, which are compatible with the human body, the wires are inserted into the skin through the guide of a thin needle.

Starts the breast lifting with thread that it is usually very easy. First pictures are taken in search of follow up to the surgery ,then are marked the areas where incesiones, runs a cleaning with aseptic material and is applicable to the introduction of the needle. Once positioned, are stretching the wires until carry the breasts to the desired position, after this operation is carried out beginning the process of growth and fixing of the fibrous tissues around the suture through the collagen, which are aided with the spikes or cones scattered on the wire.

The breast lifting with thread is not only in the breasts, but also in the lines of expression of the skin,in the tail end of the eyebrow, on the cheeks, in the neck, the wrinkles of the forehead and up to the buttocks. In addition, there are, stitches that can be reabsorbed by the body as the polylactic acid with similar results, but that the passage of time lose effectiveness. In our case we recommend the permanent, for its long life and not be harmful to the body, but in this case we leave that to the discretion of the patient.

The time of the incision does not reach a now and the anesthesia that is used is local, not suffering the patient at any time. Quickly the person joins its normal life ,because it is very little aggressive procedure. Our specialists recommend that you do not perform physical efforts in the first three days ,as well as to avoid any type of tampering beyond what is guided by them. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to leave few traces ,to be invisible and implemented under the skin.

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