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Brow Lift

What is a brow lift?

Brow lift surgery, also known as an eyebrow lift, is a surgical procedure to reposition tissues and tighten the facial muscles surrounding the eyebrows. Over the years and the natural aging process, wrinkles appear and the tissues lose their firmness, which makes our face look sad and tired.

The eyebrows play a leading role as they frame our face, which is why cosmetic surgery has developed techniques to lift them and rejuvenate our expression.

Who can get a brow lift surgery?

The best candidates for an eyebrow lift are those who want to reposition the eyebrow line, smooth folds and lift and remove excess skin from the forehead that has lost elasticity over the years.

Raising your eyebrows or stretching your forehead will make you look much younger.

Brow Lift My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Brow Lift My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

What results can I expect from a brow lift surgery?

A brow lift or forehead lift offers very good results. His technique has specialized and through it, the patient can get a younger-looking, refreshed expression.

This procedure stretches the flaccid skin of the forehead, the line of the eyebrows is raised and the wrinkles of the forehead and the folds of the eyebrows are reduced or eliminated.

Brow lift SURGERY | Consultation process

The consultation is the ideal place for the patient to ask the surgeon all doubts about the procedure. The doctor will explain to the patient the characteristics of the surgery and will indicate the best method according to their needs. Each medical evaluation is personalized because each patient is unique.

Brow lift | Technique and protocol

Traditional brow lift or forehead lift surgery is the traditional procedure performed on patients who need repositioning of the tissues and a forehead lift.

The surgeon makes an incision in the scalp line to access the tissues of the forehead.

During the intervention, the doctor performs a stretch of the forehead skin and removes excess skin. When performing this stretch, the facial muscles are tightened and the eyebrows return to their position. The scar in this procedure is hidden in the hairline.

Brow lift | Recovery and postoperative care

A brow lift requires relatively short recovery time and in general patients experience minimal discomfort. The medical staff will follow up to check the evolution of the patient and the surgery’s success.

Within 24 hours of the intervention, the patient will have their first follow-up appointment and will receive all the recommendations they must follow until they are discharged. Generally, after  7 days the patient can resume their daily activities

Brow Lift My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

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