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Although not perhaps the best known surgeries, facial correction with chin implant is one of the interventions that can give more aesthetic improvements to our face. When we have facial abnormalities like the chin too big, or small, or withdrawn, the whole harmony of the face suffers. Alterations chin volume even make the nose look older or bigger, a fact that few know. A receding chin can cause blurred or our profile is a complete disaster. So read carefully and discover everything you need to know about facial enhancement and chin implant.

Chin implant in plastic surgery

They are really numerous surgeries that we can find in order to improve the appearance of our face. All facial features are susceptible of improvement, and chin, incredible as it may seem, it is no exception. Many procedures performed to correct the appearance or position of the chin. Among the most popular are the chin reduction (more feminine procedure), chin augmentation (more masculine but not exclusively), correction of chin either because it is withdrawn, or high or because it has bumps or bone disorders. It’s really amazing the positive change experienced by patients chin surgeries, which we pay little attention, namely for the guilt of facial disproportion to any other trait. Among the above procedures, the defendant in Miami is increasing with chin implant. This procedure returns the harmony between facial features and provides the right to the jaw definition. The procedure globally balances the relationship between elements of the face, especially the nose with respect to the chin. Still, this surgery can be combined with other facial surgical procedures like rhinoplasty, neck lift, cheek implants, lip augmentation, etc., depending on the characteristics and wishes of the patient. If something has achieved current aesthetic surgery, especially in Miami, it is that we can choose how we want to look our liking.

Chin implant the procedure

Specifically the chin implants procedure is quite simple as long as you make a qualified professional. The prosthesis is usually solid silicone and its placement is performed under the muscle. The surgeon usually makes an incision inside the mouth to enter the area where the chin implant is placed. If this option is not feasible it can be done through an incision made in the bottom of the chin. In the first case, the scar will invisibly (as it is in the inside of the mouth) and, second, the scar will also not be as small and be in an area of poor visibility. Once placed, the prosthesis is fixed to the bone to make it stay in place securely. The payback period of this intervention is usually two to three weeks although a week the patient should be able to return to their daily activities. This depends, of course, the characteristics of the activities of each patient. Inflammation and discomfort are normal after surgery but will remitting as the days pass. A week later, approximately, and the patient can begin to see the results of the surgery. Augmentation with chin implant is an excellent aesthetic choice that many people are unaware. The appearance of the chin is more important than what we believe to facial harmony. The correct ratio of our traits, as the ideal of beauty relies heavily on the symmetry, it is very important to consider a face like “beautiful”, and chin, as well as occupying an important place in our face, framed and it is responsible for providing it with character and definition.

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