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Correction of ScarsĀ from a Cesarean Section in Miami

Correction of the scars: One of the surgeries, which has more presence in women is the cesarean section. And it is precisely then correction of the scar of a cesarean section one of the corrections of surgical interventions most requested to achieve an improvement in its aesthetic appearance.
Usually the gynecologists perform suturing of intradermal form, indicating that if the skin healthy both at the superficial level as in the deeper, because there will be proper healing. But this does not occur if the suture is performed improperly by planes, to avoid that shrink the muscles, fat, skin and the tissues.
In many occasions occur the cesarean sections in the form of urgency and processes cannot follow the desires of the aesthetics – in extreme cases leads to the laparatomy media, which results in scarring very marked vertically-, or simply the skin of the woman is prone to keloid formation, or to leave more visible marks of the stitches.

Correction of scars, scar revision of a cesarean section

There are several recommendations that the patient must take into account for the proper care of cesarean sectiona scar. In My Cosmetic Surgery our surgeons advise the patients to keep the wound clean and dry.
A good medicine is the betadine -povidone-iodine that aid as bactericidal and antiseptic-, as well as the use of a strip that ensures a light compression. It is equally positive massage the area in a gentle manner for several weeks on the scar and in the lower part of the belly to prevent the swelling was formed.
All these methods help to build a scar with features of aesthetic care. When it is still pretty obvious malformation, because plastic surgery is a good solution to the problem.

End of scars with a revision surgery

There comes into operation the revision surgery which, if not completely eliminate the scars, if you can optimize your beauty. It is desirable that the patient wait several months – you can reach a year this process- to the scar is well developed for the correction.
There are techniques such as injection of collagen and corticosteroids that are also used, as well as use silicone bands on the scar for an indefinite period, but these methods, together with those described above, may not be fully effective and there is to go to more radical forms.
The surgery would redirect the scars or eradicate corruption and correct with a suture more delicate, especially that involves making a layered closure.

In this way we can fulfill that promise the dream to the women who have gone through the great happiness of having a child, but that i am as vestige a noticeable scar on the abdomen. These are just a few of the pleasures of this clinic, who lives with the joy of catch up the smile to each of our patients when they see their aesthetic improvement.


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