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Deep Lip Hydration

What is the Deep Lip Hydration?

Deep lip hydration of the lips or resizing of the lips is one of the benefits obtained by using the pressure injector.

This device produces enough pressure to introduce substances into the skin without needles.

This allows the selected active ingredients to be transported to the dermal layer and distributed in a homogeneous way.

It helps to achieve deep skin hydration results, increasing volume in lips with the introduction of hyaluronic acid and also improves expression lines, in addition to producing a lifting effect that improves facial contour.

Who can have the Deep Lip Hydration procedure?

This treatment can be performed on anyone who wishes to hydrate, revitalize, nourish their skin, and combat premature aging.

Deep Lip Hydration My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Deep Lip Hydration My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

What results can I expect?

The pressure injector can be used on the face, neck, and neckline. The results achieved with this device are temporary and its main objective is to hydrate and revitalize the skin; Its duration is subject to the recommendations that the patient follows after the application and especially to his metabolism.

Among the most indicated benefits, we have the firming effect of the skin, the increase in volume, the lifting effect, deep hydration and can contribute to the lightening of some spots.

Deep lip hydration | Technique and protocol

Like in any cosmetic procedure, the first step is to clean the area to be treated.

A pain inhibitor will then be applied if necessary and the pressure injector is placed in the area where it is desired to introduce the substance that will revitalize, hydrate, or increase the volume.

After pressure application, the skin is compressed to prevent bleeding and circular movements are made so that the product takes the proper position.

Deep lip hydration | Recovery and care

After the treatment, the skin of the treated area may show redness, so the patient should apply cold bags.

It is also recommended that you avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, glare, or tanning chambers until after 48 hours of treatment. The patient can maintain their daily cosmetic routine and the usual sun protection.

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Deep Lip Hydration My Cosmetic Surgery Miami


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