Dr. Aristides Martinez, A.A.C.S.



With over twenty-five years of practice in Medicine,Dr.A.A.C.S. is unilaterally qualified to improve the aesthetic characteristics and natural functionality of the body. His skill and mastery of surgery have allowed Dr.A.A.C.S. to develop his own methodologies and specialize as a plastic surgeon. His credentials include long-lasting results and minimally visible scars for his patients, both of which are crucial points of consideration for patients, especially those who undergo breast surgeries in Miami.
In his own words, his greatest satisfaction as a cosmetic surgeon is that “the results obtained can be seen instantly and that the surgery takes effect as soon as it is done. Another is when patients leave the surgery room. They come out with some nice bodies and that gives me great satisfaction.”
For 10 years to date, he performs cosmetic surgeries in My Cosmetic Surgery.

Studies and Experience

Dr.A.A.C.S., graduated from the University of Havana in 1969. There he specialized in Surgery and went on to specialize in Pediatric Surgery; and within this, he specialized in Cardiovascular Surgery.
He immigrated to the United States in 1980, and in 1982 started an internship at the University of Miami from which he graduated with excellent results. Then, through courses in various American universities, he began practicing general surgery in Miami and shortly thereafter specialized in Plastic Surgery.
He has studied in different countries with outstanding professionals of the branch: in Argentina with Professor Jose Juri, in Italy with Dr. Marco Gasparotti in New York, and in L.A. where he deepened and studied the techniques of Plastic Surgery.
From 1985 until today he has accumulated a vast experience performing plastic surgery. He has also worked in other hospitals in the area as a General and Plastic Surgeon, such as the Palms Spring, the Panamerican, and the Westchester Hospital.

Procedures performed by Dr.A.A.C.S.

Memberships, Awards, and Recognition

  • Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • He has been selected as one of the best surgeons in Miami-Dade County