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I’m sure you have ever wondered why you have the bad luck to be one of the people that suffer the annoying “spider” veins in their legs. These, called varicose veins, are very recognized to provide the impression of cramps and sometimes pain. If this is your problem, come to My Cosmetic Surgery, we offer very effectives treatments for varicose veins in Miami.

Varicose veins dilation of the veins, especially in the lower extremities. The causes of this condition are almost always hereditary, but also overweight, aging and pregnancy in women. Varicose veins in Miami can have more serious implications for the health (in acute cases) and have different treatments. Some of these treatments are sclerotherapy, laser and even surgery.

Searching for a specialized advice, we talked for a few minutes with the Dr. Rogelio Iglesias M.D. , one of in My Cosmetic Surgery specialist, who treats the annoying “spider” veins in our clinic. Here are his answers to the most frequent asked questions of our patients.

Is it true that the heels that women use lead to the formation of varicose veins?

No true. It has been a popular belief that women suffer more from varicose veins than men. But this is no caused by heels. With heels females are only a little higher and with muscles more contracted than always. That’s all. In exchange, pregnancy influences directly the occurrence of varicose veins because of the abdominal contraction. In the latter lies the difference between the numbers of women compared with men who suffer from varicose veins.

The hereditary factor predominates in their formation?

Truly it is very frequent. There is a congenital factor which causes the absence of valves in the veins of the legs. But in this also influences the body constitution, where each one of us is different and can arise this malformation because of different issues as a dilation by excessive accumulation of blood, anomalies in the walls of the veins, and another. The essence is to understand that the process of blood flow is impeded, leading to a situation where the blood accumulates in the legs.

Dr. Rogelio Iglesias M.D. is a specialist in sclerotherapy, technique consisting in the chemical cauterization of the vein. He argues that the concentrated sodium chloride is the responsible of the burned, which can take up to two months to be assimilated by the body. At least six sessions are needed per patient, depending on the intensity of the ailment, and each session consists of three injections per legs.

What shouldn’t a patient do during a treatment for varicose veins in Miami?

In the clinic we handed out a document for guidance to the patient vhen they star the treatment for varicose veins. You should not take anticoagulants, avoid the physical exercises and exposure to the sun, and above all, keep the bandage of compression that helps the sclerosis caused lasting. The recovery will be quick and effective.

In My Cosmetic Surgery we work to satisfy the needs of our patients with dedication and professionalism. Each day we try to fulfill help lot of people to become a better version of themselves with our famous “dream machine”. Call right now to 305-264-9636 and Sing it to remember!!

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