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The exercises for varicose veins are excellent to help the procedure subcutaneous injections we approach today to some of these exercises.done before. Varicose veins become major aesthetic problems of people, both men and women, although women suffer more due to many factors. However, varicose veins can be eliminated by subcutaneous injections and then prevented by doing some exercises.

It is important to note that although you know thousands of remedies about how the varicose veins can disappear, it is very difficult to hide them without a proper treatment. However, knowing the right exercises can help in many ways. These exercises, correctly performed, will improve circulation and relax veins.

Reasons of the varicose veins

These movements allow the flow of blood to the heart and avoid creating accumulations that are the cause of the veins in the varicose. In addition, you will strengthen the muscles and tissues of the legs, so that fatigue and the varicose veins disappear from your life.

Exercises for the varicose veins


Elevations are very important, with them the pressure and gravity will help the blood to flow properly. It is advisable to lift your legs for ten or fifteen seconds every day, especially at night before bed. At that time legs need rest, and this is the best way to prevent varicose veins.

Take a walk:

Walking is another exercise that will help to avoid varicose veins. When we talk about exercise or walking we refer to any kind of walking we can make, whether for a few hours, or only for a few minutes at home. Swimming and cycling are also perfect exercises to exterminate these veins that appear on your legs.

Scissor movement:

Raise your legs, open and close them for a few minutes, then make ten to fifteen repetitions per session. This exercise not only will help to prevent varicose and promote the bloodstream but also to strengthen muscles of veins and legs.


Make an energetic and strong pedaling motion in the same previous position for 5 minutes. This is an additional option to fight varicose veins. Stretch and rotate one of your legs in the direction of clockwise, then keep it stressed, and finally switch to the other leg and repeat the same exercise.

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