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Face and Neck Lift

What are a face and neck lift?

Lifting or stretching of the face and neck is a surgical technique that alleviates the effects that aging,  gravity, sun exposure, and stress among other factors have caused on our skin.

With a face and neck lift, we reduce the folds or wrinkles, the loss of muscle tone, and sometimes fat deposits are removed in areas such as the jowls, or the cheekbones.

The facelift can be done only to certain parts of the face, or perform a full face and neck treatment, in which case it is usually combined with eyelid surgery to eliminate this other sign of aging.

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Face and Neck Lift My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Face and Neck Lift My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Who can have a face and neck lift?

This surgery consists of a set of techniques for facial rejuvenation. Its goal is to reposition facial tissues to get the face back to its young and firm image. The ideal patients for this procedure are people with good general health, good mental stability,  who have observed aging on their face.

What results can I expect from a face and neck lift?

The patient can expect great results from this procedure. There are many people satisfied with these facial rejuvenation techniques that offer permanent results.

The face and neck surgery eliminates the deepest wrinkles, the excess skin, and returns the firmness to the facial muscles that are descending with age, external aggressions, stress, or due to genetic issues.

The patient who undergoes face and neck stretching will get a much younger and visibly firm appearance.

Face and neck lift | Consultation process

The consultation is the ideal space for doctor / patient communication where you should tell the doctor what your expectations are and your doubts regarding surgery.

The surgeon will perform an evaluation of the skin and bone structures.

A brief review of your medical history will be done to avoid problems that may complicate the surgery.

The most appropriate procedure will be recommended to achieve the best possible outcome in each case.

The advice of a qualified professional is essential, so the patient must comply with medical recommendations.

Face and Neck Lift My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Face and neck lift | Incision methods

The location of the incisions depends on the area to be treated and the technique chosen. They are usually performed in strategic areas so that no visible scars remain.

If the procedure focuses on the lower and middle thirds, the incisions are likely to be made behind the ears to tighten the area.

When the upper third is to be treated, the incision will remain in the scalp line.

When treating the neck area, the surgeon makes a small incision just below the chin and behind the ears, to access the tissues that, over the years, have been lifted.

Once the incisions are made, the surgeon repositions the tissues and stretches the skin, eliminating the excess.

As for the excess of localized fat, it is extracted by the traditional liposuction procedure with a fine cannula.

Face and neck lift | Technique and protocol

The technique used and the procedure performed depends on each patient. Face and neck surgery can be complemented with other facial surgeries such as Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).

The anesthesia in this procedure can be local with sedation or general, depending on the patient’s preference along with the doctor’s preferred technique.

Once the relevant incisions have been made, the surgeon will reposition the tissues to tighten the face.

The surgeon makes incisions that allow him to reposition the tissues and stretch the skin.

The excess tissue and fat are removed, leaving a nice and firm neck. To achieve these results, incisions are made in areas hidden by the hair, taking advantage of the natural folds of the ear.

Then work on the different layers of tissue that constitute the face to reposition them in their correct position, excess fat is removed to improve contours, and finally the skin is placed in the correct position.

The excess skin is removed from the incisions. In the neck, unsightly bands or double chin are removed through a small incision hidden under the chin.

After the surgery, a bandage and drainage tubes are placed behind the ears to remove any fluid that can accumulate.

Face and neck lift | Recovery and postoperative care

In the first 7 days, the patient may feel inflammation and discomfort that will gradually subside. In this first week, the patient should rest.

During the first two or three weeks it is advised not to sunbathe until the scars cease to be reddened and after this use sunscreen with a high protection factor.

In this way, the scars will heal and will decrease.  After 10 days you can resume your daily activities as long as the doctor recommends it.

As part of the whole process, the patient will receive a follow-up so that our medical staff can check the evolution and success of the surgery.

Follow the recommendations of our specialists at all times.

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