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Fat Freezing

What is fat freezing?

Fat freezing is a non-invasive, novel, and very effective procedure for the elimination of unwanted fat.

It consists of applying cold directly in the area that you want to treat which causes the fat to freeze and thereby lose thickness and properties.

Then it is diluted and the body eliminates it naturally.

The ideal areas for the application of Lipocongelación are the so-called cartucheras, the hips, the abdomen, the buttocks, the thighs, and the arms, which are the areas most prone to the accumulation of fat, even in people who are physically fit.

This technique has been created and developed in the United States and offers excellent results.

 Fat Freezing My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

 Fat Freezing My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Who can have the fat freezing treatment?

Fat freezing is ideal for people with good general health who want to improve their image.

This procedure is not a solution for overweight, but a technique to reduce adipose tissue in people:

who although have a regular bodyweight have an accumulation of fat in different areas of the body or want to get rid of cellulite, which affects a large percentage of women and men of all ages.

Those with cardiovascular problems, kidney problems, or severe overweight do not apply for this treatment.

What results can I expect from fat freezing treatment?

Fat freezing offers magnificent results visible from the third or fourth session.

As the body naturally removes previously diluted fat, the patient can see how inches of fat tissue is reduced and the skin is tightened.

Among the alternative therapies, it is one of the most accepted and requested because it not only makes us eliminate fat and cellulite, but also helps our skin produce more collagen and elastin.

If you want to eliminate those “masitas” which you have not been able to get rid of with traditional methods (diet and physical exercise), Fat freezing may be the ideal solution.

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 Fat Freezing My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Fat Freezing| Consultation process

The specialist in Fat freezing must perform a previous evaluation of each patient to customize the procedure according to the height, weight, and amount of fat of each person who is going to perform the Fat freezing.

The Fat freezing machine can be regulated (in intensity) according to the needs of each patient.

The consultation is the ideal space where the patient can express all their doubts.

Our professional team must understand the characteristics and expectations of each patient to offer the best possible result.

The first consultation is always free and it will provide you with all the necessary information about the treatment of Fat freezing.

Freezing| Recovery, and care

Fat freezing does not require a complicated recovery period since it is a non-surgical procedure. After a session, the patient can go home and continue with their normal daily activities.

It is advisable to drink plenty of water to help the body be hydrated in the natural process of fat removal.

If we combine Fat freezing with a balanced diet and systematic physical exercise, the results can be amazing.

For the rest, Fat freezing does not require subsequent rest.

It is possible that the treated area has redness or bruising, although the latter is uncommon and not alarming, they are simply due to the application of cold on the skin.

Fat Freezing| Technique and protocol

Fat freezing in our clinic My Cosmetic Surgery Miami is combined with other techniques such as Cavitation and Radio Frequency. Fat freezing is generally performed for 6 months.

Between one session and another, Cavitation and Radio Frequency sessions are interspersed to support treatment.

The effects of the different techniques are:

Fat freezing:

freezes the fat by applying suction cups (vacuum technique) directly in areas where the patient has the accumulation of adipose tissue.

The application of cold will cause the adipocytes to concentrate and reduce their thickness.

Each session lasts about 30 minutes and is done on an outpatient basis. Before starting the Fat freezing session, the specialist places a safety patch on the skin that prevents the cold from damaging the skin.


this procedure is performed as support after having performed a Lipogegelación session.

Cavitation takes advantage of the effects of Fat freezing, that is to say, it takes advantage that the fat cells have been reduced and dissolves them to accelerate the elimination process.


this technique allows skin tightening. The procedures above are responsible for
reducing, breaking, and dissolving the fat cell for its elimination naturally.

But what about our skin after losing inches of the fat layer with the Lipogen?

Radiofrequency helps us recover the firmness of our skin by regenerating collagen and elastin.

Fat Freezing| Frequent questions

1. Does Fat freezing really work?
Fat freezing is a non-invasive procedure that is performed in sessions. So the patient must do the recommended sessions to obtain a complete result. Generally, in the third session, the patient is able to notice the reduction in the thickness of the fat layer. Excellent results are obtained with Fat freezing provided it is done by a trained professional and all recommendations are followed.
2. What general considerations should I keep in mind while doing this treatment?
It is important to follow the advice of our specialists at all times. You must wait at least a month and a half between one session of Fat freezing and the next. It is highly recommended to combine Fat freezing with other techniques such as Cavitation or Radio Frequency, which can be done in the rest interval between a Fat freezing session and another, to achieve more complete and faster results.
3. Is Fat freezing painful?
Fat freezing is not a painful procedure. Remember that it is not surgery. The patient may experience some discomfort but it is perfectly bearable. The cold applied to the treated area will only affect the fat, without causing problems in the surrounding tissues since a device is applied to protect the skin.
4. Fat freezing, is it an outpatient treatment?
This is one of the most common doubts regarding Fat freezing but this is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure.
5. How many Fat freezing sessions do I need?
Each patient is a unique case, so the previous specialized evaluation is essential. The number of Fat freezing sessions will depend on the characteristics of each patient and the amount of localized fat that needs to be eliminated.
6. Is Fat freezing safe?
At My Cosmetic Surgery Miami, we take your safety very seriously and, therefore, we only have approved treatments and state-of-the-art equipment, FDA approved and rigorously tested. Our professionals, duly accredited, all have a great experience in health and beauty care.

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Fat Freezing Performed by
* Zuleika Munives, Massage Therapist

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