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Few days ago Paris closed the big four of the most important catwalks in the world of high couture. The fashion week, as expected, passed with top designers and models of the season and the streets were impregnated with the charm of fashion week. Since the official photos of the event till others taken “by chance” in the Parisian streets, the glamor of these events is wasted. Now, making a review of these issues, from Miami City, surges an idea: the difference between the canon of European beauty and the typical one of this city of South Florida, so influenced by Latin taste. One of the most obvious differences is the taste for buttocks in Miami City, which is generally absent in Europe. It is no coincidence that, almost everyone in this city knows what is fat grafting to the buttocks when it comes to cosmetic procedures.

Maybe because of the Latin influence, in Miami City people likes to see women with well formed buttocks. Women in Miami, far from wanting to reach the European canon of stylized women, want a body with all the curves such as: breasts, hips and buttocks. We could say that the canon of beauty in Miami responds to known “guitar body,” at least in regards to women’s canon.

Fat Grafting to the buttocks in Miami

We may think that women in Miami choose these figures for convenience, because they are genetically, and although it is true that Latin women tend to have curves, not all women have been endowed by nature with the desired curves. This has made Miami be one of the most demanded cities to undergo any surgery related to cosmetic procedures. Nowadays, the most popular procedure is fat grafting to the buttocks or commonly known as Brazilian Butt Lift.

Some time ago we thought that procedure was impossible to carry out. It’s all a dream come true and women in Miami have not missed this opportunity offered by cosmetic surgery. This is one of the most requested interventions each year in South Florida and there are many cosmetic surgeons specialized on performing it. Fat grafting to the buttocks has enabled many women to obtain the desired shape permanently.

Fat grafting to the buttocks the procedure

Fat grafting to the buttocks is, as we mentioned above, the redistribution of body fat in each patient. You can refine your silhouette and get rid of localized fat while you increase the volume and firmness of the buttocks. This procedure carries out a liposuction in areas where we have localized fat and remove these deposits. Once extracted, fat is centrifuged and optimized for its use. Then, the surgeon proceeds to inject this ammount of fat to the buttocks giving the desired shape.

Fat grafting to the buttocks is a bit complex procedure that has numerous advantages over other similar procedures. First, it does not require the placement of implants so that the body won’t have to absorb any prosthesis during recovery process. Secondly, the recovery process is faster, and, thirdly, the results are more natural to the eye and touch, according to the experience of many people who have made fat grafting in buttocks.

This is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Miami. In conclusion, our model of ideal beauty is far from that we saw recently in the week of Parisian fashion. Miami Ciyt has its own charm, also in fashion.

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