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Fat transfer to the calves

What is the transfer of fat to the calves?

Lipotransfer is a technique that aims to implant the patient’s own fatty tissue in areas that require an increase in volume. In the area of the calves, the transfer of fat offers natural results in order to achieve harmony with the rest of the body while helping to correct subsidence, scars, or asymmetries resulting from surgeries or accidents.

Who can perform this procedure?

The ideal candidate for this procedure is a person who has a good general state of health and wants to fill in some areas of the legs that have a shortage of volume or damage due to scars or subsidence.

Fat Transfer to the Calves

Fat Transfer to the Calves

What results can I expect?

Results are perceived immediately, although the final correction will be visible after 6 months from the lipotransfer. The use of the patient’s own fat achieves very natural results and texture identical to that of the adjacent untreated tissues.

Fat transfer to calves | Technique and protocol

The technique used for the transfer of fat to the calves consists of two phases: in the first, after choosing the donor area, the surgeon removes the patient’s own fat through a traditional Liposuction. Fat extraction is usually performed on the abdomen or hips. Once extracted, it is centrifuged and purified to obtain the necessary tissue.

In the second phase, the surgeon injects adipose tissue into the area where you want to give volume. Through a very thin incision, a cannula is introduced with which the optimized fat infiltrates, depositing it at different depths. This distribution favors the fixation of the injected tissue in the recipient area.

Fat transfer to calves | Recovery and postoperative care

Once the intervention is finished, the patient should wear an elastic compression garment.

It will prevent the displacement of the fat and control the inflammation in the first 72 hours.

Patients are advised not to perform physical exercise during the first three days and to comply with all recommendations made by the surgeon.

In this way, it will help to get the finest results from the recovery. The probability of allergies is zero because fat is a  completely natural filling.

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Fat Transfer to the Calves


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