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Fractional Radiofrequency with Microneedles

What is fractional radiofrequency with micro needles?

Aesthetics are modernized each day creating more effective and less invasive procedures that allow people to improve their appearance. Fractional radiofrequency with microneedles is part of fractional technologies, procedures that treat the skin through the emission of electromagnetic waves, by means of micro points to improve its elasticity, tone, and color.

One of the benefits of this procedure is that it stimulates the regeneration of new tissue by combating the skin’s natural aging processes.

In facial treatments, it restores microcirculation and improves the flow of oxygen in the tissue providing that the synthesis of collagen and elastin is increased.

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Fractional Radiofrequency with Microneedles My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Fractional Radiofrequency with Microneedles My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Who can have this procedure?

Fractional radiofrequency with microneedles can be performed on anyone who wishes to rejuvenate or tone their face.

If you suffer from stretch marks, acne scars, enlarged pores, wrinkles, sagging skin, and depth of the nasogenian grooves is a candidate for this procedure.

It also has very good results in people who :

Needs facial lifting, moderation, and firmness of the gill of the neck. It also helps to improve and regulate the appearance of sebaceous glands, hypertrophy and contributing to improve the appearance of periorbital wrinkles.


What results can I expect?

The results are visible from the first week and will be more noticeable after 4 to 6 weeks.
With this treatment, the skin is renewed naturally as it contributes to the natural formation of elastin and collagen that improves the appearance of fine wrinkles, the texture, quality, and sagging skin of prematurely aged skin.

Fractional Radiofrequency with Microneedles My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

It is a highly demanded treatment to improve the appearance of scars, particularly those caused by Acne, and very effectively treats pink stretch marks and enlarged pores.

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Fractionated radiofrequency with microneedles | Technique and protocol

To obtain the best results from this treatment, a program of approximately 3 sessions is required. It is good to clarify that the number of sessions necessary to achieve a good treatment result varies according to the structure of the different tissues, the treated area, age, metabolism, medications, and hormonal changes of each patient.

Fractionated radiofrequency with microneedles | Recovery and care

The side effects of the fractional radiofrequency sessions with microneedles are minimal and of short duration.

They are limited to inflammation, redness, and slight and temporary tingling of the treated area.

Once the treatment is finished, the patient should avoid open exposure to the sun or high temperatures generated by saunas, Turkish baths during the first 48 hours.

You must also maintain the usual sun protection.


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