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Gynecomastia Surgery

What is Gynecomastia SURGERY?

Sometimes some men may suffer a considerable increase in breast tissue, known as Gynecomastia. This can be due, among other causes, to a hormonal imbalance that causes excessive development of the mammary gland.

It can also be due to a disease, the consumption of certain medications, or a physiological disorder.

The truth is that it can lead to complexes and problems of self-esteem in men,
so most decide to resolve the situation through surgery.

Who can perform this procedure?

Gynecomastia surgery is indicated for men with good general health, mental stability, and reasonable expectations regarding surgery.

Which in addition to meeting the requirements mentioned, suffer from excessive growth in the chest area and want an aesthetic improvement.

Gynecomastia Plastic Surgery My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Gynecomastia Plastic Surgery My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

What results can I expect from this procedure?

With this surgery the improvement of the man’s chest is considerable, in it techniques of reduction mammoplasty and mastopexy or lifting are combined. Breast reduction in men is a procedure that has refined its techniques to offer quality treatment.

Gynecomastia Surgery | Consultation process

In the consultation, the patient will be evaluated by the surgeon to verify that he is a viable candidate for gynecomastia surgery.

You should consult with your doctor about your expectations and doubts concerning the surgery.

The medical staff will give a series of recommendations that you should keep in mind before the intervention.

Gynecomastia surgery| Technique and protocol

Basically the surgeon will proceed to make an incision to access the breast tissue and remove excess fat and skin.

It may also be necessary to reduce the size of the nipple or its relocation. It is a procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia.

The intervention is performed through an incision in the areola following the natural circle-shaped curve from where the surgeon removes the mammary gland, which causes excess breast volume.

In some cases, its extraction is not necessary and with liposuction, the excess fat is extracted through a cannula. The most common treatment is the combination of the two.

Gynecomastia plastic surgery | Incision methods

The incision is usually made around the areola to access the breast tissue. The scars are virtually invisible since the incision made is very thin.

Gynecomastia surgery | Recovery and postoperative care

Once the Gynecomastia is performed, the patient must follow the medical recommendations to the letter. The medical staff will follow up to check the success of the surgery. Physical exercise is not recommended until at least three weeks have passed. The surgeon will place a compression bandage on the patient for perfect skin retraction, do not remove the bandage until your doctor tells you to.

Gynecomastia Plastic Surgery My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

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