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Increased bust, which celebrates one hundred years of history, continues in full swing. To learn a little of this story we approach the Internet pages and some sites of aesthetic history. In My Cosmetic Surgery we prioritize your information.

Several creams and medications have been used as an attempt to increase breast size. Maliniac Berson in 1945 and in 1950 made a dermafat flap. Pangman sponge Ivalon introduced in 1950, and various synthetic materials were used during the fifties and sixties, including silicone injections. One estimate indicates that those injections were received by about 50 000 women. The development of silicone granulomas and hardening of the breasts were sometimes so severe that women needed to undergo a mastectomy as a treatment. Even today there are women who seek medical treatment for complications up to 30 years after receiving this type of injection.

Breast Implants

Increased breast volume did not have a reliable technique until 1962 when Cronin and Gerow devised the first breast implants, which manufactured Dow Corning. Consisting of a foil bags filled silicone oil medical grade silicone. Technologically breast implants have evolved a lot but in essence the idea is still the same. In 1992 there was an alarm about silicone implants. It was believed that diseases induced autoimmunity and although this theory later proved unfounded, resulted in the US prohibit its use for 14 years, so the saline filled prostheses were used. Breast implants silicone gel are authorized by the health authorities of the European Union.

Increased Bust Today

The breast implant prosthesis is a relatively simple and one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedure. According to the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation is the third most cosmetic surgery procedure performed in the United States, with 291,000 interventions of this kind in 2005. Currently in My Cosmetic Surgery we are led by full development of these procedures. We are the clinic number of South Florida.

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