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Dr. José Zayas M.D. describes breast lift

Our clinic is pleased to have a highly qualified medical staff, with experience and professional prestige. Among them, Dr. José Zayas MD is distinguished, not only for his recognized career but for his excellent treatment for patients. Dr. José Zayas MD is one of the surgeons within My Cosmetic Surgery. When we asked him which one is his favorite cosmetic procedure to perform, he answer with inspiration that does not have any preferences, since cosmetic surgery is all about passion for beauty and each of the body areas has its own characteristics and charm. But breast lift is one of his favorites and we ask some questions about this plastic surgery.

But you are very recognized in Miami for the surgical treatment of the breasts

For me this is one of the most challenging procedures in the operating room. Meets two conditions in my view very interesting: the first is that they are two breasts and one should try to the end because both are equal . And the second is that it is more delayed the process compared to other plastic surgery.

It is sometimes a aesthetic need for women the breast lift?

You think that there are women who have breasts too large and this can lead to excessive weight, which tends to affect the back and neck. That in addition to the lack of beauty that the aesthetic culture has spread in the last few year.

What would be the causes drooping of the breasts?

Are multiple . Since a considerable shift in weight, the fact of having had children, skin type, the severity, and even previous implants that lead to an increase in the weight of the breast.

Some women argue that they do not like this surgery because it leaves a scar marked?

The scars are always visible, although we, as plastic surgeons, we give ourselves to the task of delicately sutured and sewing on the inside. But there are many personal factors affecting healing,one of them is the type of skin. For example, there are persons who have a tendency to form keloids , other that make a hypertrophic scar, some darker, more red … But really the time , as life , it always heal the scars.

Which ones are the best choice for a Breast Lift: silicone or saline implants?

Both are good . The difference lies simply in the content . The saline water is in a silicone shell that is inserted into the breast and then by injecting the liquid, which is a natural part of the body . If it were to break, because the body would assimilate as it’s own.

But the silicone have progressed both with scientific advances , which contain an adhesive gel. Well, in case of breaking, the fluid stays stuck inside the implant and not be shed.

The companies give a guarantee of ten years for the implants?

Many patients come to twenty years without the implant been rejected. But there are other that have to change them with in three years .Everything depends on the conditions inside the body of the person.

Any suggestions for those ladies who want to get an increase of breasts?

To consult a professional cosmetic surgeon. We are the only ones trained to do that kind of procedure and achieve the best results. In My Cosmetic Surgery we have the doors open.

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