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Jóse Zayas, MD 

José Zayas MD
Plastic Surgeon

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    Dr. José Zayas is a highly recognized Cuban cosmetic surgeon who combines advanced medical knowledge and specialized training. As a professional, he is characterized by carrying out extensive consultations before proceeding with surgery, to achieve the greatest possible agreement between modern medicine’s objective and satisfying the patient’s needs without putting their health at risk.

    With forty years of practice in the surgical field, Dr. José Zayas accumulates vast experience in patient care, communication and of course, teamwork.. His patients report high satisfaction rates.

    He has been working as a cosmetic surgeon in My cosmetic surgery since 2008.

    Studies and professional experience

    Dr. José Zayas attended medical school at the Superior Institute of Medical Sciences of Havana and completed his residency in General Surgery at Calixto García Hospital, in 1976, Havana, Cuba. From the following year he began working in the same medical center in Havana; first as a general surgeon and then as Head of the Surgery Team. In 1984, he became Chief of Surgery at the Carlos M. de Céspedes Hospital in the Cuban capital.

    Between 1990 and 1992, he worked as a Specialist in General Surgery of the United Nations in Georgetown, Guyana and from 1995 to 2002 he was Chief of Surgery Residents at Kendall Regional Center, Florida.

    In 2003, Dr. José Zayas obtained the Florida Medical License, Board of Medicine, and in 2006, the American Board of Abdominal Surgery Certification in the specialty of General and Cosmetic Surgery.

    Other studies

    Certificate of the American Board of Abdominal Surgery

    Clinical Applications of Medicine for Age Management – Las Vegas, NV

    Scientific Meeting Educational Activity The Art of Perfection – Orlando, FL

    Live Surgery Workshop: Liposuction and Fat Graft – Bayonne, NJ

    United Nations General Surgery Specialist – Georgetown, Guyana

    Associations, awards and recognition

    Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

    Certified by the American Board of Abdominal Surgery

    Member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

    Member of Medical Societies of Abdominal Surgeons

    Prize for exceptional patient care during various emergency situations.

    Training and affiliation hospital: Larking Community Hospital

    Metropolitan Hospital, Miami


    Official website of Dr. Zayas

    American Beauty Solutions, profile of Dr. Zayas


    Breast augmentation



    Tummy Tuck


    Brazilian Butt Lift

    Scar correction

    Mommy Makeover

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