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Laser Depilation

Laser depilation

One of the most requested aesthetic treatments of beauty centers is the permanent laser depilation also known as laser hair removal.

Its advanced technology, the multiple offers on the market, the development of an effective and fast technique without side effects or resting time, have made this procedure one of the safest and most affordable.

What is laser depilation?

Laser hair removal consists of a narrow beam of concentrated light that absorbs the pigment of the follicle where hair grows, preventing its growth. It is a fast and not very painful procedure.

Several sessions are necessary to obtain the desired results. This procedure eliminates the hairs almost permanently, although it is possible that at some later stage some sporadic hairs are attached.

Laser Depilation My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Laser Depilation My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

What results can I expect from laser depilation?

Laser Hair Removal not only serves to remove hair and retard its growth but also helps improve skin texture and elasticity.

The laser generates activation of collagen and elastin that provides greater smoothness to the skin.

It also serves to lighten ‘stained areas’ such as the armpits or pubis that usually turn a dark color.

In these cases, the laser acts as a bleach.

In addition, it is recommended by dermatologists to treat folliculitis (ingrown hairs), a condition that affects 60% of women and causes them pimples, infections with pus, and even boils.

Laser hair removal helps to improve this pathology, and from the first session, surprising results are already observed.

Laser depilation| Technique and protocol

There are two methods to perform permanent hair removal: the diode laser and pulsed light or IPL.

The first performs light-based hair removal and is more efficient.

Depending on the laser brand, it uses a wavelength between 800 and 810 nanometers.

It can be applied to all skin types, from the lightest to the darkest, without any problem and its results are very satisfactory.

On the other hand, the IPL or pulsed light is a slower procedure, which requires several work sessions since it uses much lower powers.

As positive elements, it can be applied to any type of skin and in any part of the body, it has no adverse effects and achieves a deep penetration.

Laser depilation| Recovery and care

Specialists recommend hydrating the area to be shaved every night from one week before the laser hair removal session.

Avoid sun exposure 3 days before and 3 days later. Have the skin exfoliated from the previous 24 hours and shave properly 12 hours before, but not with starting systems such as wax, tweezers, or electric epilators.

It may be convenient to mark the area with more hair with an eyeliner pencil so that the professional knows that he should give more energy in that area.

Sun exposure should be avoided during the process.

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