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Female breasts have a great emotional burden, since they are not only symbols of motherhood but also represent the most prominent region of female sexuality. Therefore, they have recently acquired great importance in the image of a women and any notable alteration may damage the esteem of the sufferer. Fortunately, a breast lift with breast augmentation can help solve all these problems at once.

This is a surgical procedure performed to lift and increase a breast that has fallen and needs more volume. It is a procedure that combines the techniques of two different surgeries: mastopexy or breast lift (correction of flaccid or fallen chest) placing the breasts in the correct position and proper tension and breast augmentation (placement of silicone implants or saline) solution that provides the desired volume.

When a patient presents sagging chest and lack of volume, either isolated operations would be insufficient to achieve a satisfactory result. A Mastopexy raises the chest, but would not provide the volume needed to obtain adequate breast form. Breast augmentation implants get volume with saline or silicone gel, but excessive decrease in breast would become evident in front of and below the volume contributed, giving a very unnatural appearance.

However, the merger of both techniques achieved a breast lift to its proper position, while an increase in volume, which otherwise would be insufficient, which will have great impact on the well-being and self-confidence of the patient.

The method of mastopexy with breast augmentation

Before surgery, the surgeon makes a series of measurements on the patient, marking lines on the skin. These marks will serve as reference points, which will be modified as the chest will not only changing its position, but also in its volume

This surgery is very similar to the standard mastopexy, except that during the process of lifting an implant is inserted under the mammary gland or the pectoral muscle. First, excess hanging skin that makes breasts sag is removed. The type of incision used depends on the shape and size of the breasts being treated.


Benefits  of mastopexy with breast augmentation

Breast implants, either silicone gel or saline, are added to the results of mastopexy to result in an increased and raised bust. This procedure prolongs the results, since the combination of the two techniques remain bulky and full breasts for a longer time.

For mastopexy with breast augmentation controlled under general anesthesia with monitoring. Throughout the procedure the anesthesiologist will monitor the patient’s general condition, ensuring maximum safety. The surgery takes three to four hours, depending on the size and shape of the breast. The larger breasts and more sagging the longer the required intervention.

Postoperative of mastopexy with breast augmentation

The postoperative is usually painless process and fundamental to achieve the desired results. Some drains are usually left and an adhesive bandage is placed on the chest to avoid complications. The patient is usually discharged the 48 hours after surgery.

In the third and fourth day the adhesive elastic bandage is replaced by  lighter dressings and appropriate fastener is placed. A few days after the operation the patient can resume normal life, except exaggerated exercises that include lifting arms. Within about six weeks patient may resume all activities, including sports.



Leah Davis was a 28 year-old woman from New York who first heard about my cosmetic surgery while she Vacationing in the Miami sun. A few months following, she decided to come down to Miami again, only this time it was with the purpose of visiting My cosmetic surgery in order to have a breast augmentation with Dr Zayas. According to her own narration of the events the clinic and its staff made her feel comfortable and at home through this process while simultaneously making her feel as part of the My cosmetic surgery Family.

Marilyn Nelson took a plane from Boston to Miami to stand saline implants in clinical My Cosmetic Surgery, despite the opposition of her family and friends. “Only my sister knew that that was what I wanted and that I should come to the best place for letting me. She was the only one who supported me. ”

However, when she returned home with her new breasts, “everyone had to admit she had made a smart decision.” Today this paralegal is happily married and hopes to be a mom soon. “Every day when I wake up and I look in the mirror I feel it was worth it. It is very important to like yourself. ”

A friend spoke to Silvie Reed, a teacher from Atlanta, on clinical My Cosmetic Surgery in Miami. “I decided to come and everything was as she had told me, the best doctors, the most attentive nurses, the comfort of knowing you’re in good hands.”



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