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Michel Bormey Garcia. MD Cosmetic Surgeon

Michel Bormey
MD Plastic surgeon

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    Dr. Michel Bormey Garcia is a cuban cosmetic surgeon, based in the city of Miami, with more than 20 years of experience in hospital settings. Bormey is known for his personalized attention and direct communication with his patients, explaining everything from the first consultation to the post-surgical recovery.

    His vast academic training and experience also allows him to adapt the latest techniques of ​​plastic and reconstructive surgery to the particular needs of each patient.

    Studies and professional experience

    Dr. Michel Bormey Garcia graduated in 1995 as a Doctor of Medicine from the Higher Institute of Medical Sciences of Havana, Cuba and in 1999 he obtained the title of General Surgeon at the University Hospital “Calixto Garcia” in the capital of Cuba. Once settled in the United States, Bormey successfully met all the requirements for the Medical Licensing Exam. In 2017, he was accepted by the General Surgery program of the Jackson Memorial Hospital, of the University of Miami and later in 2018 by the medical center of Stanford University, California, where he completed the specialty of General Surgery. He currently works as a cosmetic surgeon at My Cosmetic Surgery and is distinguished by the use of local anesthesia in his surgical practice.

    Associations, awards and recognition

    • American Medical Association.
    • American Heart Association / American Stroke Association.
    • International Society of Cosmetogynecology.
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