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Microdermabrasion1: facial rejuvenation in Miami

Many of the patients who come to My Cosmetic Surgery come with the objective to rejuvenate there skin. Take advantage of the benefits of the knowledge and skills of our surgeons and made some plastic surgery, and also seek to change his face to retrieve the image that is lost over the years with wear of all kinds. Microdermabrasion1 is one of the most important cosmetic procedure that we practice here.


One of the most requested cosmetic treatments is the microdermabrasion1, excellent recipe for a skin more soft and natural. This technique emphasizes by non-invasive, the exfoliate of lightweight form and eliminate dead skin cells. It is highly recommended for sensitive skin, as for other more blunt it can produce better effects the peeling, which we also apply in our clinic.
The microdermabrasion1 distinguishes itself by removing the damaged skin through crystals that suck to the vacuum. The stimulation for the formation of the collagen leads to skin in a few days already this rejuvenated. Well, problems such as sunspots, the marks of the acne, the open pores, wrinkles, expression lines, and even the cellulite can be treated with much success.
The process is performed with a cleaning of the area to be treated through material antiseptic, and then enters a small instrument function shows that crystals of aluminum oxide and refined at the same time it absorbs the dead cells. With the latter will be gently removing the superficial layers of the skin which in turn eliminates their abnormalities.

It is usual that after several sessions the perceptible a skin completely changed, as this will be regenerated and will allow the formation of healthy skin, youthful and smooth. Depending on each patient the session can be between five and ten. In the same way, depending on what our doctors recommend, these sessions can be separated each for a week or two, to help the recovery of the skin.


This technique, although it is characterized by being painless, can lead to some discomfort in more sensitive areas of the face, especially those near to the lips, eyes and nose. The recovery is very easy, only having small possible manifestations of itching that will disappear in a few hours.
The patient can be incorporated into the workforce quickly. Though it must ensure the care of the treated area in what is the exposure to the sun and in the undue manipulations. A simple test allergy before the procedure will determine if the person is suitable or not for this. Everything has been said: with the microdermabrasion1 you can achieve a younger skin and with greater force, without hampering the dynamic way of life that brings in a city like Miami.

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