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Over the years it wreaks havoc on skin and overall appearance. Almost all platforms that give beauty tips warn that the face is the most affected by the ravages of time and attacks by additional factors such as climate, lifestyle etc. While it is true that the face resents particular, we must accept the fact that most of our beauty care revolve around the face, leaving aside sometimes neck care.

Neck care, aging consequences

The neck is an area where fat tends to accumulate over the years and that easily reveals our age if we have a caring and smooth face. So today we bring you everything you need to know about neck care with lifting technique. The natural aging process causes the body to produce less of certain substances such as collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, essential for youthful skin. Elasticity, gloss and skin firmness depend largely on these substances that occur at least less young will our skin. There are, indeed, many creams, masks, food, that help us to protect the health of our face and skin in general. But sometimes, these measures are no longer effective. Then the time to think about more efficient procedures that return us young and firm appearance.   The neck is an area we must take into account. Nothing we do with taking care of our face and realize ourselves many peelings or facelifts, if then our neck has a little aesthetic appearance. Over the years the fat accumulates in the neck (under the chin) and the “chin” is formed. The muscles also lose their firmness and volume which makes the skin of the area hang. Few people really know the dramatic change that can have the image of a person with a couple of tweaks to the neck.

Neck care with lifting, techniques

Therefore, neck care with lifting is an excellent choice. Neck lift can be done through several methods, depending on the characteristics and needs of the patient. To improve the appearance of neck liposuction, platysmaplasty, the cervicoplasty and microsurgery minimum access they can be made. Aesthetic professionals can correct with such technical alterations as the accumulation of fat in the neck, excess skin and flabby muscles issue. The most common procedures for neck lift is liposuction and removing skin and fat. The surgeon should begin with liposuction if the patient has localized fat deposits in the neck. Using the traditional method, the doctor makes a small incision to insert the cannula (hollow tube) that suck the excess fat. Once the fat extraction, the surgeon removes the excess skin in the neck. If the muscles have lost their firmness the surgeon can make an incision under the chin or behind the ears to access the muscles in the area and tension. Once these procedures neck stretches the skin will be smooth and firm, ready to be young pedestal of a rejuvenated face. The ratio of our traits is very important for harmonious results and of course, a rejuvenated face is more beautiful on a neck that is equally careful. Visit My Cosmetic Surgery in Miami and asks all the information you need. Clinical number one South Florida has an experience of over 20 years in this type of procedure.

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