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The race against time is a difficult struggle that obviously we can not win, however, there is a series procedures we can do to stay young as long as possible. Currently the market has rejuvenating treatments for all, creams, serums, home treatments, proper diet and exercise, they are practices with which we are all familiar. There are numerous professional procedures, as well, to help us look young. One of those procedures, perhaps not so well known is the neck surgery to help remove wrinkles on the neck. The neck surgery is a procedure that helps to eliminate the signs of aging such as wrinkles or excess skin and fat in the neck. We often see some people who have made a facelift and despite having been great, neck wrinkles the telltale. Well, this practice, the neck surgery is performed with the facelift to achieve a more harmonious result. Still, if you only need a neck surgery, here we will provide everything you need to know about this procedure.

What Is Neck surgery?

It is a surgical procedure that can remove wrinkles in the neck and excess fat and skin. a small liposuction can be performed if there is excess fat, a cervicoplasty if there is excess skin or platysmaplasty if there is need to relocate or reduce neck muscles. All the before mentioned methods are part of the call neck surgery. The choice between local anesthesia and general anesthesia will be up to the recommendations of the surgeon and the patient’s wishes.

Who Is Ideal For This Procedure?

For this surgery the ideal candidates are those who have a good overall health and want to improve the appearance of your neck. People with neck wrinkles, excess fat (what we call jowl) or skin, or any alteration in the neck that has aesthetic repercussions


The procedure depends, of course, on the characteristics of each case. Each technique has its peculiarities so there is no standardized procedure for neck surgery. Generally speaking, if a liposuction for excess fat is needed, the procedure is typical of a traditional lipo: a thin tube that removes the fat by suction. If the procedure requires a cervicoplasty, the surgeon will proceed to make an incision to access the tissue and remove excess skin.

What General Care Must Be Taken Into Account After neck surgery?

During the postoperative period the patient should follow to the letter all medical recommendations. The dressing will be removed after the first twenty four hours and seven days the doctor may remove the stitches. Your doctor may prescribe medications you can take in case of pain or inflammation. It is normal to have some swelling and some bruising may appear. In that case, do not panic and follow medical instructions. Postoperative discomfort will subside gradually in the first week. It is recommended to keep the neck and slightly raised especially bedtime head.

What Results Can I Expect?

Well, considering that the neck lift is a set of surgical procedures for the neck rejuvenation and cosmetic enhancement, the patient can expect a great result. Wrinkles on the neck and excess fat, so unaesthetic, will no longer be a problem and neck will look firm and youthful.

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