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Nutri BB Glow

What is it the Nutri BB Glow procedure?

The Nutri BB Glow is a beauty treatment with active ingredients of high cosmetics that is of great benefit to the skin. Its effect is cumulative and although the results can be seen from the first session and in an almost immediate way.

As the days and sessions pass the improvement is noticeable as the patient will get a porcelain skin with a make-up effect that can wear 24 hours of the day, with all the advantages of high cosmetic treatment and without the inconveniences of conventional makeup.

Who can perform the Nutri BB Glow procedure?

This procedure can be performed in those patients who wish to lighten spots, improve the appearance of wrinkles, treat enlarged pores, eliminate redness, and provide luminosity and hydration to their skin.

Nutri BB Glow My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Nutri BB Glow My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

What results can I expect?

The Nutri BB Glow does not cover imperfections in the skin, blurs them, and progressively removes them. It clarifies the spots from the first session, blurs wrinkles, treats dilated pores, eliminates redness, provides luminosity and hydration, improving immediately the dull, musty and dehydrated
skins, so that by eliminating all these imperfections we get uniformity in our skin as if we had applied makeup.

Nutri BB Glow | Recovery and care

After each session, the patient should not wash the treated skin during the first 24 hours. Nor should you use scrubs, saunas, or bathe in swimming pools or the beach until after one week of treatment. Sun protection equal to or greater than 30 is recommended.

Nutri BB Glow | Technique and protocol

The assets used in this procedure are harmless and the pigments used are approved as ingredients for eco-natural cosmetics and approved by the relevant health authorities.

The treatment is done in about an hour and begins with skin make-up removal followed by cleansing and exfoliation with an enzymatic peel.

Then a treatment is applied according to the needs of each patient, the Nutri BB Glow is applied through the action of the microneedles and the skin is exposed under an LED light to potentiate the effect of the products used.

Finally, the excess products are removed and sunscreen is applied. The number of sessions varies according to the needs of each skin, it is usual to take 3 to 5 sessions with an interval of 15 days.


Nutri BB Glow My Cosmetic Surgery Miami


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