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What is the Peeling procedure?

Peeling or skin peeling is a highly demanded procedure.

There are several types of Pelling Procedure:

The chemical: When a chemical is used to do it

Physical/mechanical: When carried out by some mechanical device; Enzymatic, when performed with an exfoliant composed of enzymes.

Of one kind or another, the objective is to cause a controlled renewal of the skin with reparative and aesthetic objectives.

Depending on the depth, it can be used to improve the appearance of scars created by acne or for the removal of spots.

Peeling Procedure My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Peeling Procedure My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Who can have this procedure?

This procedure is suitable for all men and women who wish to improve the condition of their skin or who present some of the following aesthetic problems: slight wrinkles, expression marks, acne, and their scars, open and dirty pores, black and white spots, skin spots, dehydration, and photoaging.

A previous evaluation would be used to determine the most feasible procedure in order to improve the condition of concern to the patient.

What results can I expect with the peeling procedure?

● Among the benefits of peeling we can find:
● Prevents premature aging
● Decrease expression lines
● Prevents the appearance of wrinkles
● Promotes skin hydration
● Revitalizes the skin.
● It homogenizes skin color and minimizes hyperpigmented areas.

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Peeling | Technique, and protocol

The first step, as in any cosmetic procedure, is to perform a facial cleansing to remove traces of makeup and any impurity.

Then a solution is applied to balance the PH of the skin and to eliminate residues; Subsequently, the chemical substance is applied or the type of peel chosen is chosen according to the specific characteristics of the patient’s skin.


After a peel the patient should keep the skin hydrated, should not expose the skin to contaminated environments, or chemicals. You should avoid using retinoids or other products that rest the skin.

It should not violate the skin peeling that has resulted from peeling and should not be exposed to the sun openly during the first 7 days, so you must maintain adequate sun protection.

Peeling Procedure My Cosmetic Surgery Miami


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