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Plastic Surgery: Increase of Pectoral in Miami

As the surgical techniques in plastic surgery advance,has been an increase in the participation of men as patients. And this is largely due to the aspirations of the male sex to grow in attractive to the rejuvenated women that have take the lead in the multiple cosmetic procedures. The body remodeling is one of the most requested flocking to the liposuction, the buttock augmentation and pectoral, as well as stamping the abdominal, among others. But, increase of pectoral is growing too.

Increase of Pectoral

In the specific case of the pectorals, is very frequent that the men wishing to increase them, and sometimes physical exercise does not mean it is possible to fulfill these aspirations in their total extent. There come into play the silicone implants, just as it may be the case that the patient requires lipofilling (transfer of fat from the same patient), or injected a implant of hyaluronic acid (Macrolane).

The operation can be performed using general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation ,lasts one hour and the stitches will be removed in about one week. In the case of silicone implants incision is performed when more than 5 centimeters in the outer part of the pectoral muscles or in the armpit. Before the plastic surgery it is common for the patient do laboratory analysis, an electrocardiogram and even a chest x-ray.


Already in the recovery phase may notice some swelling, which will be countered with a compressive girdle that in turn seek for the implants to be maintained in its position. It is a good thing that these bandages will be carried by posts about fifteen days, although it is in dependence on the evolution of the patient and the instructions for each doctor who established these time limits.
In the case of Macrolane is appreciate benefits quickly finished the procedure and the results can be seen up to a year. This substance will be absorbed by the body of gradual way and does not produce any adverse outcome. In the event that the man needed a new increase, there is no contraindication to do this.
Something similar happens with fat transfer, which used the fat of the individual, which is assimilated by the body, does not produce adverse effects, and ultimately what you can do is absolved and decrease the size of the pectoral.
As it happens with the breasts of women, silicone implants are the most productive for the achievement of some positive results of increase of the pectorals. New technologies have enabled the silicone gel has a sticker that in case of breaking the nylon protector because the fluid stays inside the packaging and not be shed in the body. For this reason, many females used in My Cosmetic Surgery, cosmetic surgery clinic number one in Miami and throughout southern Florida, the silicone implant and saline water, by its natural image and the lasting effects.

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