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Post bariatric plastic surgery

Weight reduction and achievement of the desired shape are some of the major difficulties that people face. In countries like the United States where poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles lead to overweight and obesity, the implementation of post bariatric plastic surgery is very important, which is ​ ​made up of a series of surgical procedures to achieve the desired image.

It turns out that you may have taken a rigorous diet and that you have changed your habits of life toward a greater physical activity, and that this has an impact on a substantial decrease in weight – in the case of the bariatric surgery will include various forms of gastric bypass surgeries and intestinal-, but still you will not feel fully satisfied with the change, since your skin was stretched and not able to match with their body size. This can be seen with the naked eye in areas such as arms, thighs, buttocks, neck, breasts, face, back and abdomen. Not only its image is degraded, but that can repercutirle on medical problems, and in the daily activities that can go from the eruptions by rubbing of the skin or difficulties to sport exercises.

Post bariatric plastic surgery

There comes into function plastic surgery, that takes all these arguments as the perfect justification for their medical and aesthetic wonders. Already with this will be corrected any body deformation and raise the esteem of the patient, degraded by obesity and still low by the excesses of skin. In My Cosmetic Surgery is very common this type of operations, which are characterized by be done sequentially, since they are too complex and lengthy as to be done in a same time.

The procedure normally choose by our plastic surgeons to start the post bariatric plastic surgery is abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. In dependence on the physical conditions of the patient and of what may consider our specialists, to this you can join the restructuring of the pubis, of the two thighs, and a liposuction to remove the remaining excesses of fat in the abdomen and back. There is also correct the position of the umbilicus.

Post bariatric plastic surgery results

Later, once the patient is fully recovered, will be submitted to the uprising of the buttocks, arms, breasts, neck and face, also in a sequential way. Our clinic gives a special monitoring to these beneficiaries with laboratory tests and with others that are considered necessary, as well as with clinical evaluations before each procedure. Without doubts the quality of life of the patient improves once that concludes this long road of surgeries: will be the scars so many operations, but may dress and display a better picture, grow their self-esteem and recover the day-to-day activities with greater intensity.

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