What is Botox?

Botox is a non-surgical procedure that eliminates facial wrinkles and expression marks. Botox is made with the botulinum toxin type A and it is one of the most demanded treatments worldwide for facial rejuvenation without surgery. The best known commercial brands, for aesthetic uses, are, precisely, Botox and Dysport. What this toxin does is, basically, to provoque the inhibition of acetylcholine to  the level of the muscle synapse. This provoques a blockage of muscular contraction. In other words, Botox prevent or muscles from contracting which provokes the formation or visibility of wrinkles and expression lines.



 Who Can Have Botox Procedure Done?

Any person, whether it is a man or a woman, that wants to improve the appearance of his/her face through the elimination of wrinkles and expression lines can have Botox procedure done. It is especially recommended for people over 30 years old that present visible expression marks but, Botox is recommended for younger people as well as prevention. is not recommended for pregnant women.Botox Miami  


What Results Can I Expect From Botox Miami?

The results obtained from the application of the botulinum toxin type A are excellent. One of the reasons why we have facial wrinkles is, precisely, due to the ability of our face to make facial gestures. This gestures are possible thanks to the contraction and distention of our muscles. When this contractions and distentions are blocked, wrinkles and expression marks provoqued by them disappear.

Consultation Process

The consult is the ideal place for doctor-patient communication. The doctor will explain the patient what the Botox procedure consists of and will guide him/her through the entire process. It is important that the patient asks all the questions about Botox treatment that he/she might have and talks about his/her expectations about the procedure with botulinum toxin. The doctor will assure that the patient is an ideal candidate for the application of Botox and will give recommendations regarding the application of this type of treatment. 

Technique and Protocol: Botox Miami

botox technique and protocol imageThe application of Botox is made by means of the mesotherapy technique, which consists on the application of localized microinjections. In other words, Botox is applied by small injections (with a very fine needle) directly on the zone that needs to be treated.

The treatment with the botulinum toxin type A does not require the use of anesthesia and it is an outpatient procedure. In other words, Botox Miami does not require hospitalization. 

The doctor will explain the patient the Botox process step by step which should last around 20 minutes. It is a relatively simple, as long as it is performed by a qualified professional and it provides immediate visible benefits.

This effects generally last from 4 to 6 months. By that time the patient might need another session of botulinum toxin treatment. If the patient decides to interrupt the treatment, there is no problem, the patient’s body will not suffer any adverse effect, he/she will simply stop perceiving the benefits of the botulinum toxin on his/her face.

Botox can be applied on the forehead lines, which are one of the most expressive in the face. It can also be applied the botulinum toxin on the wrinkles around the eyes, best known as crow’s feet, on the expression lines that form on the nose and on the sides of the mouth. The application of Botox is painless. The patient only feels a slight pressure due to the fine needles that are used. Discomfort is totally bearable because it is a fast and simple procedure.



Recovery and Aftercare: Botox Miami

As it is a non invasive procedure, Botox does not require a complex recovery process. A few basic cares will be enough to maximize the aesthetic result and let the treatment act by itself. It is recommended not to put the head down, sleep with the face down or massage the treated area for at least 6 hours after the treatment. It is also recommended not to use makeup or expose directly to the sun during the first 24 hours.

Discomfort and redness that might appear will remit during the first two days. By the third day the patient will be able to perfectly see the results.


                          Dr Rogelio Iglesias botox image                             Dr Adiaris Valle botox image             

At our clinic, My Cosmetic Surgery Miami, Botox treatment for the elimination of wrinkles and expression marks is performed by doctor Dr.M.D. and A.R.N.P, both highly qualified and with a high rate of satisfied patients.  


The effects of Botox treatment last for around 3 to 6 month, depending on the patient.
With the correct application of Botox the patient does not lose facial sensibility, he/she simply experiment a temporary muscular relaxation.
If the patient decides not to have the treatment again, the face will not suffer any consequences. This treatment, as well as eliminating wrinkles and expression lines caused by the activity of facial muscles, it also prevents from the appearance of future expression lines due to the fact that the muscles of the face are relaxed for a few months.
The most common areas are the superior third of the face, especially on the lines located on the frown, the ones on the nose and on the crow’s feet.
You should tell your doctor if you have any muscle or nerve condition such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lambert-Eaton Syndrome. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. The effects of Botox application on pregnancy are not clearly studied.

Other benefits of Botox

Botox is not only used with aesthetic purposes but also with numerous clinic purposes. The treatment with Botox Miami is used for the hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating on the armpits, hand and feet), for migraine and for involuntary muscle spasms. Visible results have been obtained in cases with Tourette Syndrome and in diverse algias as lumbalgia. It is used in cases of rigidity and to reduce urinary incontinence. It is also commonly used for squint cases in order to avoid surgeries, mostly in children.


Other procedures of interest 

Restylane: It is a crystalline gel made of hyaluronic acid, of non animal origin, used on anti aging treatments. This dermal filler is used to fill grooves caused by wrinkles and expression lines by replenishing the normal volume of young skin. When time goes by the skin loses volume and firmness and the treatment with Restylane is meant to recover the youthful look of the face. It is a biocompatible and biodegradable substance that is usually applied on crow’s feet and to give volume to the lips and cheeks. This is a treatment highly requested in Miami. 

Juvederm: It is also a dermal filler composed with hyaluronic acid and it is meant to give firmness and volume to the skin. Juvederm restores skin from the inside by recuperating its luminosity. Its application is fast and simple and it uses the mesotherapy (microinjections) technique as well as Restylane.

Plasma treatment : This treatment is also among the so called treatments for facial rejuvenation. It consists on the use of the patient’s own blood in order to stimulate cellular regeneration. The procedure begins with the extraction of the patient’s blood to put it through a centrifugation process. During this process platelets are separated from the red blood cells and, later on, injected on the area that needs to be treated. Plasma treatment has become trendy in Miami.

Blepharoplasty: It is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the upper and lower eyelids. This procedure eliminates the excess of skin and fat that with the years accumulates around our eyes.

Facelift: It is a surgical procedure designed to improve the appearance of the face by eliminating the excess of fat and skin. Generally, the incisions are made in areas of low visibility as the ears, the hair line so that the small scars are perfectly hidden. 

Real patients stories: Botox Miami

Maylin Hernández: is a patient that a liposuction with fat transfer at our clinic. After the excellent results she had with her procedures, she has come back to have a Botox treatment done with Dr.M.D.. Maylin is one of the patients that always comes back to us because we are the number one clinic of Miami when it comes to taking care of your health and beauty.

Mar Banus: came to us recommended by another patient and we have fulfilled her expectations with our Botox Miami.

Luisiana Ríos América TV presenter bets on Botox at My Cosmetic Surgery Miami.

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Botox in Miami: The use of Botox Miami in a cosmetic surgery procedure is very frequent do too the ideal facilities that it brings to eliminating facial wrinkles. In My Cosmetic Surgery Miami this Technics are use with frequency offering our clients a piece of mind for the facelift with a short duration procedure with less probability of any negative recovery to the health. From botulinum toxin,this natural protein is applied thru little injections on the muscular area that causes wrinkles. Its Function o role is to stop the nerve impulse of the muscle, with what the skin relaxation is produced causing the double lines to disappear. Forehead furrows,between the eyebrows and even on the neck are the areas where the protein is use the most. Without using anesthesia in most cases, Botox application is known for lasting no more then twenty minutes.

Botox against vaginismus in Miami: Sexual relations are to be enjoyed. The classic union of man with the woman or of two persons of the same sex are the ideal way to generate pleasure, as well as the delight and the mental body. That is why it is very important to recognize the couple when these relationships are not working, so try to correct the problem. With vaginismus, for instance, botox can reduces its effects.One of these barriers can be vaginismus, which is nothing more than a disorder that arises from the spasm and unconscious contraction of the muscles of the vagina. Although medical science determines this problem as a psychological condition, it is true that their results can be seen in the inability of women to receive the penetration.

Dr.M.D. specialist in facial fillers: Dr.M.D., specialist in facial fillers from My Cosmetic Surgery Miami, approaches us about the knowledge of several cosmetic procedures performed in our clinic such as Botox application. Wrinkle removal, varicose veins and others are some of the essential treatments for the current procedures of beauty. It is very important to be aware of the products used, or the areas in which they can serve to improve our facial environment, or recover your “lost” youth.  Dr.M.D. who is a specialist in facial fillers tells us that there are part of outpatient techniques to correct the effects of aging  and give volume in certain areas of the face, using organic and synthetic substances by injection. They give the patient some amazing and immediate results.   



Expression lines: grooves that form on the face areas that we use continuously for expressions. The areas that are more prone to develop expression lines are the forehead (which we furrowed when we are surprised), the frown when we are upset or annoyed and the vertical lines on the sides of the mouth, which are formed, mainly, when we smile.

Acetylcholine: is the first neurotransmitter found. It is a specific neurotransmitter that acts on the somatic nervous system synapses. This means that it is encharged of transmitting nerve impulses.  

Botulinum toxin type A: is a neurotoxin elaborated by a bacteria called Clostridium Botulinum. 

Dysport: as well as Botox, Dysport is a commercial brand for the Botulinum toxin type A. It is applied through microinjections and it has the same effect of relaxing the muscle in order to prevent them from contracting. 

Mesotherapy: is the technique of applying localized microinjections exactly on the zone that needs to be treated.

Inhibition: the action of restricting, or hindering a process or something.

Synapsis: a region where nerve impulses are transmitted and received,encompassing the axon terminal of a neuron that releases neurotransmitters in response to an impulse, an extremely small gap across which the neurotransmitters travel, and the adjacent membrane of an axon, dendrite, or muscle or gland cell with the appropriate receptor molecules for picking up the neurotransmitters. 


Is Botox treatment safe? 

All our professionals are highly qualified and have the proper expertise for the application of this type of facial rejuvenation procedures. We have the highest record of safeness because the health and beauty of our patients is our main goal.