Brazilian Butt Lift

What Is Brazilian Butt Lift Miami?

The Brazilian Butt Lift Miami, also known as Liposuction with fat transfer, is a cosmetic procedure that increases the buttocks while remolding the torso. The procedure is divided into two steps. First, the surgeon performs a traditional liposuction to remove fat located in areas such as the abdomen, waist, hips or thighs. The extracted fat is subjected to an optimization process by which the fat is purified. Second, the surgeon redistributes the fat directly to the buttocks by injections.




The Liposuction with fat transfer is one of the most popular procedures of today as well as one of the most requested in our clinic in Miami. Our surgeons have perfected their techniques for this procedure to provide patients the best curves in Miami and all South Florida.



Who Can Have Brazilian Butt Lift Done?

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Miami is ideal for those who do not feel comfortable with their shape and wish to obtain the figure they’ve always dreamed of having. The ideal patient for BBL Miami is someone who has fat in unwanted areas and wishes to redistribute it in a better way. Patients who wish to undergo a fat transfer procedure must be in a state of overall good health and be willing to comply with all medical recommendations given to them before the surgery.

What Results Can I Expect From Brazilian Butt Lift?

Fat transfer provides excellent results. The curves resulting from a fat transfer look and feel natural due to the fact that the body is molded using the patient’s own fat. Curvaceous women are back in style, specially in Miami, and the BBL is a procedure designed to sculpt the perfect body by increasing the volume of the buttocks as well as removing unwanted fat.

Brazilian Butt Lift | Consultation Process


The consultation is the ideal time for the patient to doctor communication to take place. The surgeon will advise the patient during the entire surgical process and will plan the Lipo with fat transfer surgery while taking into account the patient’s anatomy and expectations. During the consultation the patient will receive recommendations regarding what should and should not be done before the surgery; for example, the patient should refrain from smoking for the entire month before the BBL surgery. It is important that the patient follows all medical instructions in order to ensure the success of the fat transfer procedure. The patient should have completed all lab tests prior to the surgery so that the medical team can check the overall health of the patient.

In the case of patients who live outside Miami, or who for some reason can not go to the clinic to start the process and obtain prior evaluation process, can begin through our Coordinators who will contact the patients to request photos that allow for a more concrete assessment of the procedure the patient may need. These pictures are completely confidential and only used to allow our coordinators have an assessment regarding type of procedure / estimated price / broad guidelines. Many of our patients are unaware of the features that should have these pictures. In other words, we show our patients how the pictures should be taken depending on the type of treatment the patient wishes to accomplish. Therefore, here is a sample of how to take the pictures that will be evaluated for a Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami. 

 brazilian butt lift image

Technique and Protocol: BBL Miami

The protocol of the BBL is typical of any surgery. In My Cosmetic Surgery, medical staff and surgeons are certified and has the experience required for fat transfer BBL procedure. 


On the day of the fat transfer surgery, the patient will be taken to one of our rooms where a team of qualified professionals will attend and advise the patient. The Lipo with fat transfer is performed under general anesthesia to ensure optimal comfort the patient as well as the surgeon.

The Fat transfer begins with performing liposuction. The doctor will make incisions in the designated areas in order to introduce the cannula; the instrument responsible for the suction of the fat. Once this is done, the fat will pass through the optimization process until it is deemed ready to be redistributed to the buttocks. For this, the surgeon will make incisions to insert the optimized fat, a process that is also aided by the cannula. The surgeon will, at the same time, go on with the molding of the buttocks in order to achieve the desired result.

This is an intervention with minimal access, so it leaves no visible scars. Only small incisions that don’t leave scars will be made.


Brazilian Butt Lift | Recovery and Aftercare

The Brazilian Butt Lift Miami does not require hospitalization (it is an outpatient procedure) so the patient will be able to go home once they have recovered from the anesthesia. It is very important to follow all medical recommendations for BBL at all times in order to ensure a quick and successful recovery. It is recommended to have the place of recovery prepared in advanced to be able to find everything easily once the required rest period has begun.

Smoking is not recommended (for one month before and after surgery), as doing so brings risks during recovery. Anticoagulant drugs are also advised to avoid because it heightens the risk of bleeding. For more information in Spanish on these drugs visit our blog.

The patient should not sit at all in the first 15 days after the surgery by direct recommendation of the surgeon and must sleep lying flat on her stomach during these first days. Then, between the 15 and 30 days, should use a special cushion to sit. Another important factor in the recovery process of a is the use of compression garment, which should be used full time for the first month, 12 hours a day during the second month and 4 hours a day of the third month.Brazilian Butt Lift 

The medical staff will advise you at all times as well as give you all the necessary instructions. The first medical follow-up will be 24 hours after the surgery. The next follow-ups will be scheduled for every 7 days until the doctor gives medical clearance. 

It is highly recommended to receive therapeutic massages during the postoperative period. In My Cosmetic Surgery Miami we have an excellent group of professionals who perform massages called lymph nodes. This therapy speeds up the recovery as well as maximizes the aesthetic result of the fat transfer. These massages stimulate circulation and cause the body to drain through the lymphatic system.

If during the recovery process the patient has any questions, they can contact our medical team at any time. It is normal the appearance of some swelling and discomfort caused by Brazilian Butt Lift Miami surgery, which will decrease gradually with time. Generally, patients are able to return to their daily activities within 10 days, if taking into account the medical recommendations for Brazilian Butt Lift Miami.  

Before and After Brazilian Butt Lift Miami

We know that a picture is worth a thousand words, so we have a gallery of images that show our good results available. Patients of My Cosmetic Surgery Miami.

 brazilian butt lift before and after imagebrazilian butt lift befire and after imagebrazilian butt lift before and after image


Brazilian Butt Lift | Doctors

                         brazilian butt lift dr Jeffrey LaGrasso image     brazilian butt lift dr Jose Zayas image     

                                       Dr. M.D.           Dr.M.D.                 Dr.A.A.C.S.

In our clinic in Miami, Liposuction with fat transfer is performed by surgeons Dr. M.D.Dr.M.D. and Dr.A.A.C.S. All our doctors are highly qualified and certified by the Board of Florida.  

Brazilian Butt Lift | FAQs

Yes, the Fat transfer can be combined with other surgeries. In fact, the procedure is already combined with traditional liposuction to obtain the body fat for redistribution. Still , keep in mind that the recovery period of Brazilian Butt requires face-down sleeping and not to sit in 10 days. For example, the fat transfer to the buttocks cannot be combined with a breast augmentation because the breast recovery requires not to sleep with the face down.  
The fat transference or fat grafting is a technique that is used in many procedures besides the buttocks augmentation. It is a medical procedure and like all of surgeries has risks. If it is performed by qualified professionals it is a safe procedure.
After the BBL surgery the patient cannot sit down in 10 days in order to protect the treated area and maximize the aesthetic results. After the first 10 days the patient will be able to do all normal activities.
Buttocks augmentation with implants and fat transfer are two different procedures. The fat transfer requires that the patient having unwanted fat for redistribution. Buttocks augmentation does not requires localized fat extraction. It will be used buttocks implants. The advantage of the fat transfer is that it is two procedures in one: body sculpting and buttock augmentation. 
The Brazilian Butt Lift Miami requires body fat to redistribute from areas such as abdomen, hips or thighs to the buttocks.  

Other procedures that may be of interest

Blepharoplasty: is a surgical procedure designed to improve the appearance of the upper and lower eyelids. This surgery can remove excess skin and fat that accumulates on the eyelids due to the natural aging process, stress, as well as other factors. It is a procedure that requires local anesthesia and provides excellent results, which are visible from the start.

Lip Augmentation: Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that has experienced a boom in the recent years, specially in Miami. In our clinic we perform lip augmentation with fillers. This nonsurgical technique is a microinjection of dermal fillers directly into the area where you want to have more volume.

Elimination of wrinklesWrinkle removal can be done in two ways: one surgical and the other nonsurgical. The surgical kind is a neck or facelift. The latter uses dermal fillers applied in microinjections to fill wrinkles and stimulate the skin to allow it to once again produce an adequate amount of collagen and elastin

Botox: This derivative product of botulin toxin acts at the muscle’s synapses, paralyzing this muscle. By not being able to contract, the face relaxes causing wrinkles and expression lines to diminish.

Stories from real patients 

Yaíma Sanchez, one of our most cherished clients, came to My Cosmetic Surgery Miami to get a liposuction with fat transfer done. Yaíma was very satisfied with her Fat transfer surgery, as is shown below.


Anisleidy Caridad: underwent a liposuction with a fat transfer with us, specifically with Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso. Just one week after surgery she showed us how satisfied she was with her Brazilian Butt procedure and how well she recovered.


Marielis Suarez: came to My Cosmetic Surgery Miami to get the figure she wanted with the Brazilian Butt enhancement. Now, she is very happy to show of her physique for our cameras.


Gretel Suarez: is a patient who, although was physically fit, wanted to increase the volume of her buttocks. For this, she came to My Cosmetic Surgery Miami to get the curves she always wanted by fat transfer.



Brazilian Butt Lift | Related publications

brazilian butt lift Miami imageBrazilian Butt Lift Miami

Recently a survey showed that more than 90 % of patients that undergo a Brazilian Buttlift Miami, United States, are Latino. This surprising figure reaffirms the fact that for Latinos, the idea of female beauty is curvaceous, sensual, and voluptuous figure. But this preference is not unique to this ethnic group, especially in these modern times. The obsession with curves is as old as humanity itself and we can find its mark throughout history and universal culture.

 A Fat transfer to the buttocks (BBL) is a type of cosmetic surgery in which surgeons use a person's own fat to augment and shape the buttocks. Liposuction is first performed to take out fat from other areas of the body- mostly from the stomach, hips, and thighs- and that fat is then used to push up the buttocks. 



brazilian but lift fat transfer imageFat grafting to the buttocks, trendy Miami

Few days ago Paris closed the big four of the most important catwalks in the world of high couture. The fashion week, as expected, passed with top designers and models of the season and the streets were impregnated with the charm of fashion week. Since the official photos of the event till others taken "by chance" in the Parisian streets, the glamor of these events is wasted. Now, making a review of these issues, from Miami City, surges an idea: the difference between the canon of European beauty and the typical one of Miami, so influenced by Latin taste. One of the most obvious differences is the taste for buttocks in Miami City, which is generally absent in Europe. It is no coincidence that, almost everyone in this city knows what is fat grafting to the buttocks when it comes to cosmetic procedures.




brazilian butt lift safety image


Our surgeons have perfected their techniques in order to succeed in changing the patient. All of our equipment, procedures, and medical personnel are duly accredited and count on the great amount of experience they have of cosmetic surgery. We are South Florida’s number one clinic and our safety record supports us in this regard. Our greatest commitment is to your health and beauty.


brazilian butt lift image Glossary

Lymphatic System: Is a fundamental part of the body's immune system. It is a network of vessels, lymph nodes, organs, and tissues that produce and transport lymph from the tissues to the bloodstream.

Fat Optimization: A process by which fat is centrifuged and purified for reuse in fat redistribution procedures to those areas where the patient lacks it.

Muscle synapse: Process by which a muscle is strained and stretched due to a previous stimulus.